Happy 30th Birthday, Empire Strikes Back

It actually is brown in the movie, but most people our age think it was blue because of the action figure.

My avatar might currently be a snowtrooper with a lightsaber. I’m just saying it’s possible.

My head asplode.

I bought the Rebel snow speeder flight suit. hangs head

It’s a shame the world lost Harrison Ford in 1990. I’ve always wondered what he would have done if he were still around today.

Wow, some of you guys are old!

My wife had to have the tauntaun.

Isn’t today Pac-Man’s 30th birthday too? Are you telling me that Pac-Man and The Empire Strikes Back were born on the same day?! Good God!

I was seven. The ensuing debates over whether Vader really was or was not Luke’s father caused many a playground scuffle.

Also Jeffrey Dahmer’s birthday.

Aaaahh, I remember watching it in the theater when I was seven. Totally blew my dang young mind.

  1. Waited in line through two complete showings to get into the theater.

When Han rode in through the mist the audience EXPLODED.

Probably the only time in my life that a film that I had anticipated that much managed to exceed my expectations.

Happy Birthday, ESB! I wasn’t born then (which makes me only, what, the third person out of 30+ posts in the thread to say that?) but I made up for that later in life. Star Wars was my first fandom growing up. :)

One of my stronger memories from being 9 years old is walking up the darkened aisle at the local movie theatre with my family to the sounds of the probe droid in the snow. We were a bit late and missed the opening crawl, so that probe droid sound is emblazoned in my mind. I didn’t see Empire again until I was about 18, which was very exciting as it was the first time I got to read the opening crawl.

The other scene I remember from back then was when Luke picked up a python from his X-Wing’s engine intake prior to leaving Dagobah. He was shaking like a leaf when he picked it up. I remember wondering why Luke Skywalker was afraid of snakes.

Same feeling here. I asked more than once to my parents how it was to watch Star Wars in the theaters, but they didn’t have much to say. I’ll have to watch it again to celebrate.

I was 23 and attending a Law School summer program in England.

I saw it with a group of fellow American students at a huge, multi level theatre in London.

In those pre-spoiler days, I still consider “I am your Father” to be one of my two biggest film surprises (along with the last scene in Planet of The Apes).

When I saw it as a kid I didn’t believe him. It took Yoda confirming it in RotJ to convince me it wasn’t a trick.

What I never believed was that Leia was his sister…

She was never meant to be, but after it was decided not to make Episodes 7-9, they had to pay off Yoda’s “there is another” line somehow. So Leia became Luke’s sister.

I think my favorite ESB memory is seeing a preview for it at the drive-in back in 1979 after Star Wars was re-released. Watching the doors open, Han shooting at Vader, and then the screen going black as a crystal replica of Vader’s face slowly circled in space. . .pure nerdgasms ensued.

My dad took me, I saw it before Star Wars. I still have a vivid memory of sitting next to my dad and asking him questions about Yoda during the movie. He must have been so annoyed.

We spent a bunch of Sundays laying on the floor listening to the radio plays on my parent’s reel-to-reel. I had those things memorized.