Happy 70th birthday, David Bowie

Happy 70th birthday, David!

(Sorry I bumped the “reported dead” thread. I immediately regretted it upon reading those words again.)

When I heard that today would have been his 70th, I decided we should celebrate. I pulled out Aladdin Sane and taught my 7 year-old daughter how to put a record on a turntable. We danced and sang along with the lyrics to track 1, Time, which features the notable quote, "“Oh, God I’m still alive.”

Later I blasted Modern Love over my new mic to my Overwatch teammates and blew a fuse in the process.

Now the house is dark and the family’s asleep and I opened up a new copy of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars that I picked up for myself while Christmas shopping. I’ve never heard this album. I got out the headphones and turned it up loud. It’s amazing, of course, and I read the lyric sheet with the music. Then, during a Mick Ronson solo on Moonage Daydream, I clicked over to facebook Scrabble. Rearranged my rack, and discovered…


I still think this is great.

There’s supposed to be a new album of unreleased material coming out today.

Bowie dying made me sad. I’m still sad about it.

Edit: here’s the new video

Just read this article about David Bowie and internet message boards and it’s just too funny not to share:

Hilarious! Just found that and came here to share but you beat me to it! For the click-averse…

A little punk bar next door to my house was having a Bowie birthday party last night - free Aladdin Sane face painting, great music all night. It was packed.

A year later & I’m still just as gutted.

Oh man, it’s already been a year?

Time to cue up ‘Heroes.’ That’s a song that certainly means more to me this year than last.

In Quaaludes and red wine
Demanding Billy Dolls
And other friends of mine

My song to remember Bowie this year is “Time Will Crawl,” which is frighteningly prescient.