Happy B-day, Mr. Sones

Enjoy the day while it lasts, and make sure everyone you know buys you shit. A birthday is not to be squandered!

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Anyone buying him clothes, don’t get black. He hates black.

Dude, are you trying to ruin his birthday with furries?

How can you not appreciate a good Rimboing?

Happy Bidet, Benjamin J!

Happy Benday.

Get it. See what I did there. All for you.

Happy Birthday!

Thanks, guys! I am out of town (in our cabin in New Hampshire, with intermittent internet access) through the fourth, but having a good time! I got a guitar for my birthday, so all is well with the world. :)

Yes! Happy belated birthday!

Happy Birthday, Ben!

And thanks for the vacation tips: Martha’s Vineyard was beautiful, and the White Mountains were breathtaking.

Happy birthday! Here’s your cake:

Happy birthday, Ben. So what’s up with all the gay birthday paraphernalia pics?

Happy B, yo.

Happy Birthday :)