Happy Birthday, Angie!

Aw, Matt got you broken h-scroll. Happy birthday, Angie.

Dang, I don’t have funny gif.

Happy birfday though.

I suck at the awesome birthday gif game, but seriously Angie, happy B-day. Hope you have a great one.

Thanks! 29 today, I think this is when pop culture says I am supposed to start panicking about my age and waning attractiveness, woo!

29? 35 is when to panic…and you’ll probably look better than 29.

Naaa, it’s all down hill at 25, you’ll be ok. :)

Happy birthday, Angie!


Happy birthday Angie! And no, there’s no need to panic at 29. As someone who just turned 38 (and found grey hairs), I say wait ten years, then you really have reason to panic.

My first 4 months of 29 so far have been pretty great.

Here’s wishing you the same.

Happy birthday.