Happy Birthday, Jeff Green and Jeff Lackey!

I was lighting the candles on your cake, but I had an accident.

Well, to be fair, it’s hard to get 969 candles on a single cake.

How many years does each of those candles stand for, quat?

I loved Far Cry 2.

… and happy birthday gents!

Astrology is bullshit. Where’s the stuff about auspicious talent in reviewing games for a d0med platform?

Happy birthday, folks!

Happy Birthdat you two!!! I am happy each of you were born and I cannot say that about a lot of folks.

Happy birthday! And a special thanks to Jeff Green to being one of the two people on this board older than I am!

LOL! Thanks guys. We’re at that age where you just get the one candle on the cake.

One, because it costs a lot to buy that many candles. Two, because it’s hard to fit them on the cake. Three, because you do need a permit from the fire department.

And four, because at this age you don’t have the wind anymore to blow out more than one candle. ;)

Happy birthday guys :)