Happy Birthday, jpinard! (How to send him b'day wishes in hospital)

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

As you guys may know, Jeff is unfortunately spending his birthday in the hospital as he deals with some challenging pain issues related to his CF. So hoping as many Qt3 folks as possible can send him birthday wishes today!

To email him, go to:

For Facility, choose Butterworth Hospital.
Patient name is Jeff Pinard, Room # is 9426

Thanks all! And when you have the energy to see this, Jeff, Happy Birthday again. We miss you 'round here.

Pass them on for me please with a big smile, captcha is not letting me post (probably the NSA screwing it for me ;) ).

Thanks for the reminder. Sent.

I don’t suppose jpinard would know my name or qt3 moniker, but his name is quite familiar to me after years of reading qt3 so I’m happy to wish him well. Thanks for letting us know.

I just put from ‘Rob C (from Quarter To Three)’

Thanks for the reminder Denny!

Yep, thanks so much for helping touch base Denny!