Happy Birthday to YOU!

The older I get, the less I like things to be about me. Yes, it is my birthday today, but the thought occurred to me that it would be nice to have a way for QT3 folk to celebrate more with each other.

We are a tight knit community, and know a lot about each other, true. It would be nice to also share birthdays (we would find out who we share birthdays with, for one, I know there is somebody else who came into being June 10th, so ‘fess up!), and also other important events (anniversaries, other milestones, completing that frikkin’ game you always wanted to play, you name it).

So report in when such festivities happen (if you like, or, if you think it’s a silly idea, well, it wasn’t my first one, or my last!).

See, I like this thread. <cheers> Happy birthday, Nixxter. May the bluebird of happiness lay a golden egg in your ear. :D

Happy birthday Nixxter!

Happy birthday!

Have a great birthday Nixxter.

Happy birthday

It’s my 40th birthday today.

This is for the kids.

Happy Birthday :)

Happy birthday old man! (not really, you’re only two years older than I am)

Thank all of you, and, it was cool to find a couple other folks who share the same BD.

I guess that old parlor trick is true - something like, you get 30 people in a room, somehow the math (maths for you brits) works out that at least two will share the same BD, which makes no sense to me!

Birthday is dead! Long live birthday!

Happy Birthday to all my fellow June 10th-ers!

This is a funny thread because me and the family went out for lunch for my birthday today and the couple sitting at the next table were there for the guy’s birthday, so we exchanged thumbs-ups.

Ha ha, silly internet creature. Today isn’t my birthday.

Damn how many of you are there today. Happy Birthday!

My birthday was a week ago. I found this year that I wasn’t even remotely interested in celebrating it for some reason.

We need more birthday wishes around here! This appears to be the closest thing we have to a birthday catch-all thread.

It’s @Clay’s birthday today! Enjoy your cake down there in the Carolinas!

Hey hey! Thank you! I just ate a ton of Lebanese food and lemon poppyseed cake and now I need some Tums. My 4-yr old gave me “the Milky Way in a Box” and I got some shoes, a Parrot drone, nice crafts from both kids, a bottle of Makers Mark, and a travel mug. Woo!

Also, I wore this awesome shirt today. I found it in the way back of my closet. Apparently, it is no longer in style because everybody thought it was hilarious.