Happy Birthday to YOU!


That shirt is amazing.


@Clay it is imperative that you buy 6 more copies of that shirt in various color-combos and wear exclusively that for the rest of your life.


That “Milky Way in a Box” is amazing! You are a lucky man, Clay. And Happy Birthday.


Is @Clay in the Triangle as @ArmandoPenblade and I are? We have to have a get together sometime (and that shirt should definitely make an appearance).


Indeed, sir :)

I host a monthly hangout lunch with folks I know in the region; next month’s is at Burger Fi on Wake Forest on Sunday the 17th at 12:30PM if you’re interested. I’m hoping @Clay and @sillhouette can make it out :-D


That’s awesome, will definitely try and make it!


I was gonna say the same thing! Astounding! Outrageous!


It’s @ChristienMurawski’s birthday today! Happy birthday!


D’awww yay! Happy bday, dude! Drink a milk stout and watch Clue!


Woo! Happy Birthday, @ChristienMurawski!


Aww. Thank you @fire, @ArmandoPenblade, and @Clay!



Ooh, I didn’t miss it. Happy and Healthy Birthday!