Happy Birthday, Union Carbide!

Happy Birthday!

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.


Here’s a pic I didn’t use from my vampire game for your enjoyment:

Happy today!

What are you 27 or 28 like me?

Happy Birthday!

That’s it.

Happy birthday!

Oh god, that’s even more tasteless than me using UnionCarbide as a nickname. Awesome!

Also, thanks everyone :)

Union Carbide still posts here?


yeah. have a nice bday, UC. And don’t let those Bhopal naysayers get you down.

Happy Birthday. Get drunk and get naked.

He wishes.

Happy birthday, old fart.

Happy Birthday :)

37 is the age you have to ask yourself: “Do I have as many years left to live as I’ve already lived?”

37 is the age at which many Russian poets had died.

Edit: '37 is the year in which many Russians had died.

Russians are always dying though. It’s what they do.

… when they’re not drinking vodka.

Happy birthday! Or more accurately, happy anniversary of your birthday!

  • Alan

Belated happy birthday, gramps.

Also, is it just me or does Ronald and the Colonol look like they’re about to molest that little girl?

Look like? I’d say it’s a sure thing. They’re making her wear a honeyed biscuit on her head and that sure as hell doesn’t look like frosting on that cake.