Happy birthday Yankie Land

I hope everyone is having a good 4th of July while I slave away behind a desk. Just remember to be responsible with your drunken fireworks displays.

Happy 4th of July, and remember to report all suspicious sightings.

Was gonna take a trip to the park and snag some freebies, but it turns out you celebrate it on the 2nd july over here…

What’s a Yankie? Is that like a small piece of cloth for masturbating?

Yes. That’s it.

I burned a flag in celebration of this glorious day.

What does it taste like? Snickers?

Salty yet sweet. Yes!

An illiterate Yankee.

I think you’re applying the illiteracy to the wrong end there, Champ.

I was returning from my vacation yesterday and was bummed that I wasn’t going to get to see fireworks. As it turns out, we were descending into Boston just at the right time to see a metric buttload of fireworks from the air. It was pretty sweet.

I imagine it would be quite hazardous to have the pilot be an ex army guy with combat experience, if he suddenly got flashbacks from bombing raids seeing all that ordonance up in the air towards him, although it could have been a cool flight with lots of flips and turns… :-)