Happy Butchered Bird Day

I am studying all morning. Breaking for food. Studying more. Then [fingers crossed] going to see a local angry cover band and drinking juuuuust enough to be fully functional tomorrow morning.

How 'bout you fuckers?

Working all morning, Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house, then back for more work and maybe some LSAT studying if I have time.

Cooking. Writing. Eating. Drinking. Gaming (board games). Sleeping.

Not a bad day all in all.

More like butchered Native American, am i rite?

No, we gave them diseased blankets, too. They were not all butchered. Well, then there are those we forcibly cornered onto plots of land for which they are not reaping phat casino rewards. Don’t think they are even yet, though.

I made a cheesecake last night, will be off today around 3pm to meet up with my family on my mom’s side for turkeyday festivities.

My favorite part is dessert, followed by the post-dessert port and cigars.

I thought at first that a new HDTV would make the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade watchable. I was pretty wrong. It’s just one huge string of commercials, isn’t it? And now they’re in HD!

I could easily have done without the Leagally Blonde musical number so early in the morning. God how I hate musicals and movies turned into musicals make it even worse.

Butchered-bird day, but not butcher-bird day. Turkey with friends for me.

Family, football, food, and some synonym for drinking that starts with an “f”.

First thanksgiving with my wife. We’re roasting up a couple of cornish hens with three mushroom and prosciutto stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and brussels sprouts hash.

And I really, really need to study.

Time to dive into Mario Galaxy!

Family, Watching Football, eating Food, Getting FUCKED, up.

Thats the best I could do.

I love brussel sprouts and this made me very curious and I found a lot of different recipes. What is yours?

We’re making the Big Turkey for our church get-together (Unitarian Universalism for the win). We don’t have relatives nearby – well, we have one, but my mother-in-law (who is actually perfectly cool to hang out with) didn’t want to travel down from Chico to SF this weekend – so we’re going for the church thing.

Cooking an 18 pound bird for the first time ever, with 15 peoples’ Thanksgiving feast experience hanging in the balance, is a bit nerve-wracking. In the fridge for three and a half days and there were still bits of ice on it, but melty ice, I think it was defrosted enough and we’ll leave it in the goddamn oven until it reaches the right temperature. Thank God for Cook’s Illustrated, without whom I would never in hell have tried to take this on.

Once we get it there and chow down, I plan to imbibe heartily, come home, get the kids to bed, kiss the heck out of the wife, and then Mass Effect until the wee hours. Maybe I’ll make it out of the Citadel in less than 10 hours /played.

Are you brussel sprout lovers in the UK? My sister (an American) moved there a year ago and says that Thanksgiving is starting to catch on there and that brussel sprouts are becoming one of the traditional dishes.

You’re a month late, that’s Columbus Day, which is often marked by Native American protests. Thanksgiving is technically supposed to celebrate the thanks for a bountiful harvest, and actually features a story about the cooperation between the europeans and natives.

Well, of course you have to have cooperation. One part can’t do the killin’, unless another is doing the dyin’.
And obviously, not everyone agrees about Thanksgiving:

We got the recipe from gourmet magazine.

And we’re not in the UK, we just love brussel sprouts.

If you’d look at the linked article about Columbus Day, you will see that several cities/states in the US have repurposed it as a native american atonement day. Why should there be two? There’s much more controversy about the celebration of Columbus’ discovery of the new world than there is over American Thanksgiving. Most people view Columbus’ description of the natives being “excellent for slave stock” to be fairly reprehensible, as opposed to the pilgrims getting their asses saved by natives.