HAPPY DAY! THE BILEBLOG IS BACK! Flowers, Dungsroman, attention

I am honestly not sure where to post this. It could go in Hardware, or it could go here. I went with here because this is really more about fine, fine internet flaming than it is about technology per se. Specifically, I had to post this where Flowers and Dungsroman would see it.

Imagine if Old Man Murray suddenly resurfaced after a four year hiatus. That’s the magnitude of what’s just happened: the bileblog is back.

And it goes on from there. This dude was one of the flat out awesomest bloggers ever back when I was into the Java scene in 2003-2006. Then he vanished. Now he’s back. I, for one, am happy.

Edit: Holy shit, I read to the end and now I’m not sure whether I just read a satirical what-the-fuck or a genuine cry of despair. Which makes it all the more bizarre.

Yeah, all those references to gay sex and defecation are pretty clever.

Bra-VO, good sir.

Why’d you make me read that, Repo?

But Old Man Murray was funny.

Not to mention smart. This blog hardly constitutes comparisons to Flowers or Bill D.

Wow… yes, I can see how having to do without this for four years would bring one to Repos orgasmic levels over the return.

But I too am looking forward from an response from Dungsroman and Flowers… but probably not for the same reasons as RepoMan.

Yeah, good stuff. eye roll

And let me just add that, yes, this is what the internet needs. Another angry guy who is angry at things and writes angry rants on a blog. Really a shortage out there of that kind of thing…

Yeah, a single pixel of OMM was funnier than all of this.

Now I’m curious. Is this representative or libelous regarding the amount of awesomeness in the Java scene of 2003-2006?

Christ, man. Circle jerks? Enemas? Constant references to shit and turds? That wasn’t so much unfunny as anti-funny…creepy, even. And not a patch on a Flowers or Bill D. rant, thanks.

Is this thread the new BileBlog?

-10,000 karma points for me from this thread. Moral: posting when overtired = bad idea.

Let us never speak of this again. (Yeah, like that trick ever works around here.)

slow ass clap

Let this be the new Drilling Holes in the LCD - Shirt Shitting Memorial Qt3 Meme!

Is that the Tokyo Shock Boys, or am I just a horrible racist who can’t tell one old Japanese guy from another?

You’re a horrible racist who can’t tell one old Japanese guy from another. That’s Hamada from Downtown.

Not really much of any value in that blog. It’s not funny, it’s just full of shit. There’s a big difference. Hell I read random entries from 7 years ago and it’s about the same. Big deal.

— Alan

Comedy is in a horrendous state these days.

Bob Newhart wept.

This is the internet writing style that I was glad to see finally die out a few years ago. People seemed incapable of writing anything without acting like it was a competition to work in as many references to “the gay” and/or bodily functions as possible.

This guy apparently didn’t get the memo.