Happy Father’s Day!

To all the Dad’s out there, have a good one and play a game or catch a movie or two!

Happy Father’s Day!

Here here, Happy Father’s day to all the other fathers! I hope you all are having a beautiful day with fun activities to do.

I am spending the day with at my Brother-in-law’s house which is a nice break. The beer is great, the food is great, and having an extra couple people to watch my two little ones is a nice break.

Happy Father’s Day to all.

Did the ride at 8:30 because it’s freaking hot and humid, index over 100.

But it is what is best in life. May all you other fathers have equally enjoyable days.

Happy Father’s day to all.

Happy Father’s Day to you all. I’m drinking for you!

Happy Father’s Day! Well, not in Brazil, because Father’s Day in Brazil is in the second Sunday of August. But to all those celebrating in June, a Happy Father’s Day!

I figured rather than create a new thread I’d recycle one of these old ones, because I’m responsible like that being a dad and all. Anyway, happy father’s day to all the dads of Qt3, hope you have a good one!

Good idea. Happy Father’s day everyone!