Happy Ground Hog Day!

It’s in dispute. Chuck Hogg has forecast an early spring. http://www.ny1news.com/ny1/content/index.jsp?stid=1&aid=78098

Phil thinks we will have 6 more weeks of winter. http://www.weather.com/multimedia/videoplayer.html?clip=9677&from=hp_video_1

I call shenanigans on Phil, there was way too much artificial light on Phil for him to make an accurate prediction.

Chuck Hogg all the way!

The ground hogs who have made our garage condo haven’t weighed in.

Wait, Groundhog Day happened already?

Wow, missed it totally.

Nah, it’s today. You’ll have plenty more chances to know that from the beginning though.

The other night I was watching TV and Groundhog Day came on. I was watching it and I realized that I hadn’t seen any notice of that holiday in at least a decade. I wondered if society had outgrown it or merely me. Then the next day I saw a newspaper and realized it was Groundhog Day. I hadn’t noticed.

True story.

It’s 80F tomorrow. @#$ing insane.