Happy Halloween Everybody!

Sure this is crappy, but I did it with MS Paint:

Yes, you will take the ring to Mordor! But first we watch Spongebob Squarepants! And then a nap!

I understand John Romero now. I met Sparky on the Internet, and now I’m in love with her.

Get in line. I love spunky redheads.

Happy Halloween!

Sorry, her heart belongs to Chick.

Hey! Wake up! I was hitting on Sparky three threads ago! We’re both familiar with the same greasy burger joints!


Shhh, don’t let Jeff Green find out!

  • Alan

Wumpus is my Heathcliff - I can but lurk the misty moors of Qt3, thinking fondly of my beloved, and how he would launch the anti-Sparky backlash right…about…now.

the funk soul brother
check it out now

Ugh, I hate that song. They used to play it at all the clubs.

damn my wife bought 6 grocery bags of candy and we still have 4 bags left… I was doling out the loot like a bandit too… I stashed a bunch of sugar daddies to the side heheheheheh…

:P :P :P

We only had about 20 kids this year.

We have plenty of candy left over but my wife bought the yucky stuff this year so I’m not excited. :(

There are so few kids on the streets now. I actually miss seeing a bunch of kids on Halloween. I remember my first Halloween in the USA when I was 5. The streets were teeming with kids. That was 25 years ago though. With the rise of better malls and endless “town centers”, there are safer places for kids to go now. It’s a good thing.

Weird. Last year we nearly ran out. This year I bought a little more candy and we have tons left. Last year it snowed on Halloween, this year it was 60 degrees. Makes no sense at all.

BTW, as far as safety goes… Heard on NPR today that, of the five reported incidents ever of kids getting poisoned by Halloween candy, one turned out to be a slimeball who poisoned his own son, and the other four turned out not to be candy poisonings at all. Urban legend gone mad.

One scary Halloween moment at our place, though… We found a big-ass spider in the living room!

However, it was too cute to smash…

We had Halloween last Sunday in Milwaukee. ON SUNDAY. AT 4PM. That’s just plain wrong.

However, it was too cute to smash…

Oh, sure–he seems plenty cute now. Just wait until he’s sitting atop the smoldering ruins of what used to be human civilization, clicking his mandibles together and lining up the corpses of the fallen like Tootsie Rolls. The way I see it, we need to call in the military before it’s too late. But that’s more Sparky’s department. I’m sure she’d know what to do.

Must have needed a diaper change.