Happy Hamsters Club

This is a ethic club for gamers.
Members are members of the club because they say so and follow the rules of the club.

Heres the reasoning of the club:

  • No videogame is bad. All games are fun/cool/entertaining/exactly what somebody need, for a small or big group of people. It may happen that you are not from that group.

Heres the rules:

  • Don’t spew hate on a videogame.
  • Don’t link or repost hate on a videogame.
  • Don’t link to profesional haters that make money from hate (youtubers or others)
  • A Ferrari with all windows broken is a Ferrari. Bugs can be fixed. Sometimes bugs are fun. Members of the club don’t pile hate onto a game because is full of bugs.

People ask me if this is a serious thread. Is not. Is a joke because I want to make this joke just now. But is also serious because we live on the internet and people have a mob mentality with “bad games” like Fallout 76, No Man Sky or more recently Cyberpunk 2077, and I have a dislike for mob mentality.

People still hate on No Man’s Sky? They’ve done so much work and made all of it available for free, I just can’t imagine why people would still be upset over that title.

I don’t think so. I think most people opinion of NMS have evolved with the game evolution.

But the pile-on NMS at release was real.

I’ve had it up to here with this club! I am no longer a member.

Yeah this will end well

I refuse to join any club that would not snark on me mercilessly.

good post 10chars

I’m in. I have been putting up with bugs, half baked features and unfulfilled potential for ages, because I’m a (combat) flight sim nerd. My hobby is full of expensive janky stuff. From an early age have I learned to deal with it.

nice, lets make internet discussions about games better places

So how are we going to do that, besides not being herd assholes ourselves? Are we going to shit on the herd? Are we going to hold up a mirror to the herd, so they can see what an uniform mass of samesame they have become?

What’s the name of that game where you slaughter happy hamsters mercilessly? ;)

My first instinct was to sign up for this club, but then I thought back to how much better it makes me feel to go on yet another rant about how bad a game Baldur’s Gate is, and I said “NO DEAL”.

the rules


this 10 chars