Happy Holidays from Matt and Angie

Like many of you, we are big fans of conifers. But, I was thinking that the true spirit of the holiday ain’t really so bad after all, as long as it’s a faithful and positive celebration of the message.

And the more I think about it, it is kind of sad that it’s been re-purposed by some other group just because riding on the coattails of the initial’s popularity will give it legs. Anyway, we still wrap presents with one hand, but with the other hand this year we’re aiming to be more solemn. So, with that in mind, I made this holy-day greeting from us to you:

And remember, don’t wolf down your holiday meal in one gulp, it’ll only give you problems.

Seriously though…Solstice was reappropriated centuries ago. Even your great great great great grandparents can’t claim that they remember the good old days before Christmas involved Christ. Get over it ;)

When you come from a long line of heathens, that isn’t exactly true you know. In my family we still burn a human sacrifice for a good harvest at the end of October.

Seriously, what is up with Kotaku?


That is a picture of you dressed up like El DeBarge

Isn’t that Urizen?

What are you talking about? That’s Urkel with a boob job.

What are you talking about? That’s Urkel with a boob job.[/quote]


Our Christmas card this year was a festively Photoshopped scene in which I was dressed up as Snow Miser and my husband as Heat Miser (from the Rankin-Bass creepfest Year Without A Santa Claus). It ended up looking more like me as an undead Carol Channing and him as a sunburnt “Barf” from Spaceballs.

[size=2]I hope it didn’t scare anyone’s children…it was really scary.[/size]

Just telling us about this without showing us is like, awful.

Sparky, you know that’s not true, and we know that’s not true, so drop the act.

Random fact of the day: the finnish language doesn’t have a word for “christmas”. It’s still plain old Yule in here.

[i]It’s a Yule-tide![/i]

Huh? Merry Christmas, kids, here’s a dead-white person of indeterminate gender sporting a death’s-dead rictus, with huge black pupils like Marilyn Manson and waving a straw boater!

In retrospect, I think it was a mistake.

I didn’t mean that it’s not true that it’s scary, I meant that it’s not true that you don’t want to scare children.


Edit: Chick, where are my goddamn smileys?! Until we get them back (or, alternately, until I get my avatar), I’ll just substitute forbidden non-Amish-approved risque images like the Alizee gif, or maybe Jessica shooting you with her Sexy Beam…

that animated gif makes me confused about which Ben is the retarded one.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Dragon Quest VIII is rated T!

Ben, if you really do want smilies, weigh in on the stickied forum up there. I’m certainly amenable to switching the goofy little things back on if people really want them.