Happy holidays from Quarter to Three (and Rift!)

Title Happy holidays from Quarter to Three (and Rift!)
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When December 23, 2011

Happy holidays from all of us at Quarter to Three to all of you on the other side of this monitor! Here's me hanging out in front of one of the holiday decorations sprung up around the world of Rift..

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Sword of the Stars 2: the bluescreen edition

Merry Christmas to all the content generators living in my monitor!

One of the game diaries must be for the indie darling, The Old Republic. Obscure, I know.

Happy Holidays! Also, Tom, whens the next podcast? The schedule seems mucked.

Our next Games Podcast should be up, I'm thinking, the 28th. I think.

Merry Christmas, Tom!

Merry Christmas Tom, Jason, and Shadowcat too (may explain why there will be no mice stirring in the Chick household)!

Merry Christmas to Tom, and to McMaster, Murawski, and Wand (who together sound like a folk band). Being a guest on the Games podcast was a highlight of my year, and I've enjoyed the other podcasts too. Thanks for the site, Tom.

Thanks for the comments! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and got exactly what they wanted from Santa. By the way, Nixxer, Shadowcat actually brought me a mouse for Christmas. A dead, mangled mouse that he proceeded to eat for me. Eww...