Happy Jeff Pinard Day!

Yes, Jeff Pinard has circumnavigated the sun 44 times as of today.

Let the celebrations commence!

Happy friggin’ birthday jpinard!

Huzzah! Happy god damned motherfucking birthday Jeff. I hope it’s an awesome one, and that you have tons more to come.

Late to the party, but happy birthday guy!

Happy birthday, Jeff.

Awesome, Jeff!



Happy Birthday! and i hope it didn’t involve your pool and jerry-rigged breathing apparatus (did that work in the end?).

Happy and Healthy belated birthday JP.

Yay, another year!

Guest of honour hasn’t showed up in this thread?

Happy birthday, Jeff, Keeper of the Frop Bog!

Man, I remember when I was 44…


Happy Birthday…now get off my lawn.

Wow, I somehow missed this thread! I’m working on Frop Bog 2.0 and cannot wait to introduce it to everyone. But I’m still only 20% done removing stone and plastic at this point so it may be a while. Thankfully we have the “Winter Bog” and “Pond” for the frops to keep themselves happy until I get the new stuff done which hopefully “might” be this year.

This forum needs it’s own Jeff Pinard subforum.


Someone should talk to an admin about that.

Instead of Everything Else, it can be called Everything Jeff Pinard (by far)

(that is interesting)

Damn, we need a qt3 meme thread.