Happy "Law Day," fellow UnitedStatesians!

Yes, at some point the U.S. Congress decided that letting Americans celebrate International Workers’ Day* with everyone else around the world was too Commie-licious or something, so they put our Labor Day in September and made May 1st “Law Day” to remind everyone to be good boys and girls. Woohoo!

*A holiday that has its roots in a labor-movement-related incident (the Haymarket Square Riot) that took place here in the U.S.

Law Day looks like a non-issue that I can tell; it just happened to be what we scheduled on top of May Day, which we TOTALLY DO NOT CELEBRATE COMMIE COMMIE COMMIE.

Edit: oooh, I just didn’t dig enough.

It’s interesting to look through the eyes of attorney Charles S. Rhyne-the ABA president who is credited with the idea for Law Day- at how Law Day originated and how it’s changed since its inception. “The justifications for a Law Day were twofold-one timeless and one very much a product of its times,” Mr. Rhyne explained in a Law Day address last year (http://lcweb2.loc.gov/lawweb/public/htdo

“The timeless notion was the use of law to achieve individual and social justice. The application of that notion to the Cold War, to contrast Democracy with Communism, was a product of its times, but one which, I think, is relevant to the new democracies which have replaced the Communist regimes.”

Read more at Suite101: The History of Law Day: Early Foundations of LRE http://www.suite101.com/article.cfm/law_related_education/59090#ixzz0miDjk6T5