Happy Mothers' Day

You mothers.

All 5 of them on the forum.


Being a mom is awesome.

Beautiful! Happy Mothers Day, Angie!:)

I called my mom and got a long story about how my dad made a fence and the gate was perfect yesterday but now it’s warped and won’t fit. Also, not to send nearly as much beer to them as I had originally intended.

Aw, thanks, Ed and QT3! I went over to my mom’s house and said, “Thanks for having me,” and she laughed. Then I said, “Thanks for having mom” to my grandma, but it didn’t translate well, so she just looked confused.

One of my friends posts on twitter: “Happy mother’s day, Mom, glad the condom broke.”

She replies: “Broke, hell, God poked a hole in it because I touch myself at night.”

Good times.

I called my mom and told her she was going to be a grandmom.

She was happy.


Also, happy Mom’s day to all the Mom’s.