Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year, QT3!

Please be safe tonight in your merrymaking and travel!

Staying indoors and falling asleep before the ball drops. Like most years. :)

Happy 2019 everyone!

We had these leftover from last year, so we updated them a bit.

Happy New Year! Went to a party (which I’m not usually a fan of) and had fun. I’m going to miss some people here in Grenoble.

Are you posting from the future? :D

For another week, I am the future!

Happy new year from the not too far future.

I went to a dinner with my oldest friend, which devolved after the outrageous feeding of foie gras, fromages and gâteaux into a non-stop succession of Flamme Rouge games, because it was the current favourite of his 13 yo son. What a brilliant game: I thought the rules were a bit too simple at first, but they are such a brilliant evocation of what cycle racing is. The emerging stories of escapes, peloton mishaps and eventual catchups were just so good, we kept commenting about our courses’ strategy after, much to the dismay of the single player at the table who wasn’t fond of le Tour de France ;)

Pictured, my only victory of the night, and it was a tremendous feel.

I was also introduced to Fortnite by his son thereafter. Wow, that was too busy for me. He was very tired but still ended #12, which is a good result I gather.

Happy New Year!

I just returned from the grocery store, where I picked up a fresh garden salad, which I soon intend to eat along with tuna salad sandwiches. Yumm. Pulling out all the stops this year.

Happy New Year!!

I fell asleep during Tom’s stream! sigh. Sorry.

(though it was fun)

You missed the Windmeal War?

A little too much kush earlier, and now I’m listening to psych music and half-nodding off…otherwise known as pretty much a perfect New Year’s.

Happy New Year! Hope this one goes better than the last…

Happy new Year.

I know I am late but there were drinks and guests :-)

I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

Happy new year to all. May 2019 be a better year than 2018 was, but not better than 2020 will be!

Happy New Year, everyone!

@Left_Empty, that looks nice! We welcomed 2019 enjoying a raucous and tense game of Nuns on the Run with the family.

Happy New Year all you lovely QT3ers.

I hope you all find what you need in 2019 including happiness and crumpets.


I just pulled off a miraculous save by twisting around from the passenger chair to hold an empty food preserver box under my son’s head just in time to catch a copious Chinese New year meal coming out under pressure. Phew. That could have ended up far messier than it did!

Feliz Ano Novo to all QT3ers!