Happy...over a keyboard?

I’m so thrilled, and yet its so silly WHY I’m thrilled? I just got an original IBM Model M keyboard from 1984, you know, the kind that weighs 20 pounds and makes LOUD clicky noises when you type? It feels so good to type on this type of keyboard again. Some might think it’s silly, but I’ve totally missed the wonderful tactile feel of these behemoths. There’s something so satisfying about them. Anyway, just wanted to share my happiness. Thanks!

I used to like the click, but now I prefer total silence. Even this Microsoft one I have is too loud and it’s barely audible when I type on it. The best thing about those oldies is their durability for first person shooters and the like.

Since most of my gaming is late night, the quieter it is, the better. Enjoy the sound!


I use one of these too. Best keyboard ever made, and the only one I care to use.

I like the clickier keyboards, too. The key action in the silent ones tends to have a sort of spongy feel, which I hate.

Someday I’m going to figure out how to make a wireless version of those and you’ll all pay me $200 apiece to have one.

Screw that, I’m corded all the way. ;)

Me too. One extra thing I don’t want to buy batteries for. I’m not even sure what the attraction of a cordless keyboard is supposed to be. My keyboard sits in one spot. It doesn’t need to be more mobile.

Exactly. Why would I need a wireless keyboard for a PC? The keyboard is not going anywhere, nor is the PC. I hate that wireless hysteria. What’s the point, other than making devices more expensive and less reliable?

Anyway, I used to like loud clicky keyboards but eventually I got fed up with the noise. Now I want silent keyboards with a good pressure point. The cheap Logitech Media Keyboard is actually pretty good.

I have one of those IBM M types. it’s my second one, and it is a joy to use. Clicks when you push, clicks when you release. Twice the cathartic clicking, twice the irritated spouse!

Now the secret special ability of these IBM type M and so forths is that they have key covers that are interchangeable. It’s very simply to move keys around and make the thing entirely unusable. Or, to make it speak 31337-speak.

Behold, my glorious Type M!

Hahaha, that’s fantastic Alex. :) How long have you had yours?

I use a Model M on my desktop PC and a Matias Tactile Pro on the Mac.

I bought a CVT Avant Stellar keyboard (based on the old Northgate Omnikey
design) for work just to piss everyone off with my loud and furious key

Oh, I also bought it for the L-shaped Enter key. Very few keyboards these
days sport a full-sized Enter key. This is one of them.

Finally, should armed men ever break into the office, I can bash them in the
head with my 5.5 lb keyboard before clubbing them with my Aboriginal killing

Ah, that made me remember sneaking into the Philosophy department’s computer room with a friend during lunch break a couple of years ago and switching the key covers to make the keys seem to be ordered alphabetically. On other keyboards we’d rearrange the number rows to go from 0 to 9 instead of 1 to 0. The result? Confusion and panic. Good times.

We blamed the whole mess on a made-up student who received so many angry mails that the administrators had to create an account for him. Couple of weeks later my friend impersonated the guy and managed to have the admins set a new password for him, and that got us our very own phantom student email account. We had a lot of fun with it.

As I said, this is number 2. I had a black one with the mouse nubbin IBM uses on thinkpads, but a Beer took it down. I’d say I’ve had this for over a year, the prior one, for three.

I love having access to a computer recycling center!

I also have the terminal version of this keyboard, so if anyone knows how I can make it (a) work, and (b) have special functions assigned to all those sweet extra keys, let me know.

Doesn’t it have an RJ-xxxx jack in the back that leads into whatever the terminal plug is? Most of these types are modular with a changeable cable. PS2 on one end, IBM proprietary keyboard plug on the other.

It has an RJ-45. That’s all it has, in fact.

Those fucking loud keyboards make me want to commit murder in interesting ways on the people who own them and use them around others.

Oh yeah! BRING IT ON, MO FO. I’ll beat ya to death with this keyboard! ;)

Still using my ergonomic MS keyboard I bought back in '96 for like $80.