Happy Sixth Birthday, Dreamcast!

9/9/99… ah yes, I remember it well. There’s got to be something said for a console that I still have set up and plugged into my A/V switchbox six years after its launch…

Let the nostalgia flow…

Nostalgia? That thing is still kicking, man, new games are coming out all the time. Ok, one or two a year, but that’s something, right?

I only got my Dreamcast about two years ago anyway, for thirty bucks on ebay, and it was probably the best gaming deal I ever got. I still recommend it to anyone who’s looking to play current games on the cheap. So many great games, mostly available for ten bucks or less, on a thirty dollar system. Sigh.

And I guess you’re looking for a list like this:

Sonic Adventure 1/2
Jet Set Radio
Mark of the Wolves
Guilty Gear X
Border Down
Shikigami no Shiro 2
Zero Gunner
Chu Chu Rocket
Virtua Tennis

It’s scary how much my sons and I played Powerstone 1/2.

Skies of Arcadia was one of my all-time favorite RPG’s. And I finished the DC version, not the easier GC version.

Good god, man, how’d you stay interested through all those insane random encounters? They’re bad on most JRPGs but Skies of Arcadia…I still shudder. It had some neat moments though.

Let’s see:

Shenmue - a living city before Gothic! Just wish it had more fighting amongst the mini-games and wandering around quests. Almost finished it even.

Soul Calibur - The only fighting game I’ve ever gotten obsessed with.

Tokyo Racing Xtreme 2 - The only racing game I’ve ever gotten obsessed with. I bought a bunch of other racing games and still have a small collection of wheels, hey four controller ports right so what if I have company, but never did get into them nearly as much. There was something just hypnotic about city streets at night.

Sega Bass Fishing - The only fishing game I’ve ever almost enjoyed. And, yes, Dreamcast being my first console I didn’t know I shouldn’t buy all the accessories on a whim so’s I’ve got a rod.

Ferrari Passione Rossa - The most realistic racing game I’ve ever been completely intimidated by and run screaming away from even while adoring the kickass Ferrari Thrustmaster racing wheel I bought for it.

[Edit] Gundam Side Story: 0079 - Amazing graphics and realism, first time I’d ever seen anything like that on a console. Side Story was a great game despite the mediocre reviews. How many console reviewers had ever played Battletech games?

I should crack open the hermetically sealed crates full of my old games because I’m certain I’m missing something. In retrospect I wasted a huge amount of money on the DC and I really didn’t play it enough to justify my crazy spending habits. But it was my first serious console. And I’ve still got all that junk to remind me why I’m not buying it all, all over, for another system.

Soul Calibur is my dad.

It had the only U.S. version of Bangaioh.

And it was the console of choice in my college dorm, so it’ll always have great nostalgia for me. Ah, the Soul Calibur memories.

The first time I ever played the Dreamcast was also the first time I ever played Soul Calibur, and what a way first experience a console. A friend of mine bought it and the game, and a few of us came around to check it out. We played all that afternoon and didn’t finish up until six in the morning. We were all new to the game and one of the lads picked Nightmare/Siegfried from the start and totally pwned the lot of us.

Eventually the tables turned.

A few days later I was in town and saw a copy of Soul Calibur sitting on the shelf, I snapped it up, as the Dreamcast games were sometimes difficult to get. About a week after that I bought the console. I took a few months to find a copy of Metropolis Street Racer, which I also remember fondly. It was kick ass, but unbelievably frustrating at times.

I don’t know. I remember being so wrapped up in the game. Maybe it was the full 3Dness of the game - that was new for me in an RPG. All I know is I played it obsessively and didn’t even seem to notice the completely insane amount of random encounters.

I sold my DC and later bought the Gamecube version. I’d like to play through it again but I don’t think I could take the random fights in the DC version anymore.

I bought a Dreamcast 5 months ago as I just missed playing Virtua Tennis and TRS had some copies sitting on their shelves. Ebay is the greatest.

The Dreamcast is still my console of choice. Grandia II and Shenmue are probably my favorite games on the system but there are many gems I still play. To this day there has not been a game that has made my jaw drop the way Soul Caliber did. Dreamcast should go down as the most underrated gaming system ever.


One more vote for Skies of Arcadia. Can you believe I played through the entire game without knowing you could do those super combo team up attacks? Somehow I just missed the button or something. Great ship battles though… I can remember my dorm buddy and I just gazing in awe at the ship boss in the Japanese-themed world… giant, elegant winged monstrosity.

I found Shenmue kind of irritating. I mean, the virtual world is amazing, and I liked some of the music, but beyond that it’s a really basic adventure game with half-baked action sequences and voice acting so bad I felt embarressed playing the game around other people.

But then I really liked Ecco: Defender of the Future so maybe I should shut up now.

Long live the Dreamcast!

  • Alan

Remember getting the DC I bought at Gamestop(or was it still Software Etc then…) after they were discontinued. I opened up the lid and saw a SC disc in there. They never bothered to look I guess. An even better deal for me.

I’m guessing I’m probably the only dork who played RR Tycoon on his DC. Cool implementation of the game, right down to the 3-d graphics.

The football, NBA, and Hockey games for the DC were terrific as well.

Power Stone.

You are not alone, triggercut. I didn’t play all that much of it but it’s in one of those crates along with a host of “Oh, I need one of those so I’ve got more variety in my library” style purchases. Right next to the Hoyle Casino and the Midway arcade collections.

At the risk of being a killjoy, 9/9/95 is also apparently the anniversary of the original Sony Playstation. Celebrating its 10th this year, in fact.

I keep threatening to buy my brother the maracas game for his Dreamcast that has been the closet for 2 years.

Playing NFL2k on the DC was zen like. That game blew the doors of anything we had played in the past.