Happy Thanksgiving 2019

Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully all of you are going to spend a few days that you actually want to be with, but if not, it’s still good to reconnect with people, even if the last few years have been strained.

And worst comes to worst, hide in the bathroom, and post something in Qt3.

Thanksgiving is not a thing in Brazil, but I hope all my Qt3 friends in the US have the best Thanksgiving they can possibly get.

Happy Thanksgiving!

As a Canuck, we’ve already celebrated. Happy Thanksgiving and have much turkey (if that’s your thing).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope you have a great day no matter what you do or where you go.

On the train to Manhattan as I type. In-laws :(

Just listened to Venus and Mars by McCartney. Now I have Mott the Hoople going, All The Young Dudes.

So, my Father-in-Law had a health scare, so instead of doing a potluck at my in laws house, we are doing Thanksgiving at Home with just the wife and kids.

Luckily, we were responsible for the Turkey but I had to run out and grab cranberries, bread and pie for the the rest of the meal. It means a later Thanksgiving as we put everything together.

I think this is my wife’s first Thanksgiving without her parents around. Hopefully, my Mother-in-Law will stop by later tonight.

Oddly enough, my father-in-law is also having a health scare right now so my wife took a red-eye back to NJ last night to help out, so it’s just me and the kids, plus my mother who is visiting. Going to be weird.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving to the Americans and happy Thursday to everyone else!

So this is my family’s first holiday away from Chicago. So it is a brave new world for us. But we are having dinner with another family from my work, and everyone is looking forward to it. Right now the pumpkin cookies are baking and the stuffing is cooking. We leave in 3 hours.

It’s a big change for them, but I am quite thankful they are doing it with me. Last year I ate spaghetti and watched Netflix by myself, as they were not in Portland with me. So if anything else this is a year to be thankful for that.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

That sounds like a huge improvement! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

Hope everyone’s health scares turn out to be just scares! My mother-in-law broke her pelvis a few weeks ago but other than that, things have gone relatively well health-wise.

Very thankful to be spending Thanksgiving with 9 people of sane mind and belief. I know that won’t be the case for everyone so best of luck to those stuck on the front lines!

We’re hosting for the 4th year in a row but at our new house so it’ll be a little different. And it’s been raining all day so that’s put a bit of a crimp in our plans to have games, etc, out in the refurbished garage.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Qt3 peeps! Good luck changing the subject away from politics! ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving , remember its called Filling not Stuffing nor Dressing.

You, and a large percentage of the country, are wrong.

It’s Stuffing.

Filling? WTF, I’ve never heard of it referred to as such.

Truth. What a bunch of weirdos.

Filling, peh.

It’s been called Filling , all my life. D:

Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving to all.