Happy Thanksgiving To Me, Happy Columbus Day To You!

Happy Thanksgiving to Ephraim and TSG and the rest of us!

As an immigrant to Canada, almost 25 years ago, I’m thankful every day that this country welcomed me in. Otherwise I’d have to be a pirate.

Naturally, Sula is in Philly giving a paper at a conference, so I’m having my Thanksgiving meal at the Crow and Cantrip :p

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, metta. I’m enjoying my non-holiday today.

Does anyone actually get Columbus Day off anymore?


My kids are off.

If it’s a stock market holiday, anybody who works on the stock market will probably not be coming in today. I used to work at AIG VALIC and we got all sorts of days off that I don’t get any more now that I’ve gone back to petrochemicals, though I can’t remember if Columbus Day was one of them.

It’s a federal holiday. So all federal employees are off. As well as companies that give all federal holidays off.

We need to seriously change the name of this one to something cooler, though. Maybe we we destroy the asteroid and save earth we can rename it Liv Tyler Day.

Happy Thanksgiving metta, and happy Italian explorer day to you yanks.

It is my birthday, so I sometimes take the day off. Not today though.

I only celebrate Lief Erikson Day

It’s actually a bit trickier… it’s a bank holiday, and it’s a DTC holiday, but the markets themselves are open and trading.

I am certainly sitting at work, which sucks, but no more or less than any Monday morning would naturally suck.

Happy Thanksgiving to our northern friends!

Classes could be individually cancelled, but the school itself didn’t cancel classes, despite being a Government run school. It would’ve been so nice to sleep in today :(

Thanks, metta! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, and to all my fellow Canucks.

It’s been a year with a lot of great stuff in it, so I’ve got a lot for which to be thankful. I try to acknowledge it on a more regular basis, as some good psychological studies (mostly by Sonja Lyubomirsky) have shown weekly gratitude exercises to be an effective buffer against certain mental illnesses, but I think an annual mega-gratitude exercise is a wonderful thing to share with friends and family.

Oh, and happy politically-incorrect Columbus Day, neighbours to the South!

I celebrate today with a turkey sandwich and a run in the park.

What was your original country?