HappyPuppy back online

This is odd. I was just thinking of all the dead gaming sites from the halcyon days, i.e. DailyRadar and Happy Puppy, and typed in www.happypuppy.com just for the heck of it, expecting to see a “page not found” announcement. Lo and behold, it appears to be back in business. Not that I ever had any particular interest in this site, it’s just kind of interesting to see a gaming site reviving rather than dying out (or staying dead) these days.

Wasn’t Happy Puppy a part of theglobe.com, which in turn was connected to CGM? I don’t remember any of the other details…

Yeah, it was part of theglobe, but they sold it to British Telecom, I believe. We had a thread about this previously. It looks like it’s mostly linking to other articles at other sites than generating original content.

Ah, so it’s another bluesnews-type site, with perhaps some user-generated content as well? (I noticed some user reviews of various games.) Well, it looks pretty slick anyway.

No, theglobe sold Games Domain to British Telecom. Happy Puppy was sold to iGames, the folks publishing Savage.

No, theglobe sold Games Domain to British Telecom. Happy Puppy was sold to iGames, the folks publishing Savage.[/quote]

Oops, sorry. What’s Savage? Is that a game or a magazine?

Come to think of it, I may have been confusing GDR with Happy Puppy about the content, too.

I’ve been told that the new Happy Puppy is just going function as the old pre-1998 Happy Puppy did. As a repository for patches and demos.

Interesting. I still remember in college when a friend pointed me to Happy Puppy circa 1994 and introduced me to repositories of demos/shareware – something I’d never seen before (this was when my 28.8k modem was still “fast enough”).

Good to see that they’re still in existence. Did the original folks behind it cash out?


A game. It’s advertised on Happy Puppy, and many people have previewed it. It’s a RTS/first-person shooter hybrid that’s online-only. One person controls everyone by issuing orders, the others do the actual fighting. Looks pretty good.

Come to think of it, I may have been confusing GDR with Happy Puppy about the content, too.

Happy Puppy was originally a download site, but then became a content site. GDR always had content.

The original trio behind Happy Puppy:

As you can see, one of them is a goblin, another the smelliest nerd imaginable. And yes, that redhead is a man, or at least was before s/he had his own penis hacked off and moved in with her “polyamoric” family, with whom she created Happy Puppy.

You can find their motivating story here or here. Great reading.

Eek Scary!

Dr. Crypt, I didn’t realize you helped start Happy Puppy.

It’s funny because they wear glasses and are overweight! :roll:

Gordon, I find it telling that you could look at the above mutants and think that the end of their physical problems is “four-eyed and fat”. Especially after I mentioned that one of them had surgically removed his own penis. When you played System Shock 2, did you just think it was a crude joke against acne-scarred Latino hoodlums?

But score one more victory for the withering sarcasm emoticon! Burned!

I’d never seen that picture Crypt. Say what you want about them, they hit on the Internet hard and fast and likely sold out rich. I know in '98, when I started freelancing for them, Puppy was owned by Attitude network and was under the strict eye for detail and cigarette holder (for detail) of Charles D. Grey. The only hippie influence then was the newsletter chick from Seattle, Heather.

Those were good times. They were my lowest paying gaming market back then and they paid more than most markets do now.

Or it could be because one of them describes himself as a lesbian-oriented, bisexual transsexual.

Bub, although the Happy Puppy trio all look like unused characters from The Residents’ Bad Day on the Midway, I’m not trying to “diss” their accomplishment with Happy Puppy. I used to go there quite a bit myself and got some cool stuff there, back in the day. So hey, good for them, especially for having the smarts to sell Happy Puppy as soon as a good offer came in.

I don’t think they are rich anymore, though. This extraordinary diary of self-pity by Jennifer Reitz (the lesbian-loving, group-married transsexual above) about the “villainy” of her “husband” Steven exhibited in failing to program her video games for free makes it clear in between and sometimes during brilliant and hysterical bursts of narcissism that they are now absolutely broke. Here’s a quote:

This creativity coming at the cost of 20 years of denial of the very real and uber-powerful, genius-level creativity I possess, which we both could have milked to the point of living in a mansion by now, instead of a rented house. Which we will soon lose. With no real plan or hope of another house.

Part of the pecuniary problem could possibly be the result of the six thousand, five hundred and seventy four games that Jennifer claims to have purchased as research for her seminal anime masterpiece, Kokoro Wish. A very entertaining loon.

Sorry Dr Crypt, I didn’t get past “smelliest nerd” and “goblin” before I began to emit a high pitched keening noise and decided to move on to the next post.

But score one more victory for the withering Cryptian prose style! Burned! :D

And I’m afraid your System Shock 2 comment went completely over my head… I’m afraid my m4d subreferencing skillz are out of practice these days… :(

Woof! I read some of that, but became too depressed to read more. That’s a pretty miserable existnece she has going on there. She needs some Zoloft/Paxil/Serzone stat!!!

It is hard to tell in this pic, but they are all wearing wife-beaters.

If she had spent three years taking Zoloft and learning to code, her brilliant game would have been finished by now.