Harassing brown people - The Game!

Homeland Defense: National Security Patrol.

Oh, how I wish this was just a joke. It is beyond parody.

The security of the nation is in your hands! Plan, construct, staff and maintain border command centers, conduct city patrols and engage in anti- smuggling investigations. Do you have the intelligence and courage to handle the responsibility?

Maintain traffic checkpoints, train tracker dogs and investigate smuggling operations. But are you able to do it all within budget?

Use NEW technology to secure America – listening devices, satellite surveillance, remote cameras, helicopter patrols and more!
Do I get to plant tracking devices on cars belonging to the innocent friends of people I’m investigating?

Interrogate detainees to gain information about future plans of smugglers or terrorists seeking to harm America.
I better be able to waterboard and likewise torture, dammit.

This appears to be developed by a UK studio. Is this how British folk make fun of Americans?

Not just UK…

Don’t worry, Cory. They’re unionized, so it’s OK.

Finally, the Security Budget Sim I’ve been looking for!

My personal favorite screenshot. It’s Arizona!

I want to make a tower defense game where you build fences, station minutemen and hand then increasingly powerful firearms while every minute a new onslaught of Mexicans attempt to cross the border!

I will be shocked if someone hasn’t made that as a Flash game yet.

How about as a HL2:Deathmatch mod, except with the Berlin Wall? Unfortunately, no idea of when you can actually play it, or what kind of legs an FPS where the maker says outright the only win condition is not to shoot.

And here I was thinking the other day how games so seldom comment on current events. I, for one, welcome our new xenophobic overlords. Because they have guns and I don’t.

Aw, no fun interrogation animations? I’m going to go sulk now… or go play Evil Genius.

Paddy Perez is a great name.

Hm. ‘Held without charge’ makes it seem a little ironic, however ‘illegals and suspected criminals’ makes it seem dead serious.

Awesome - i’m getting the theme tune to ‘Team America’ in my head!

“No…stop…i don’t want my retinas scanned and stored on your database, please i’m just a good guy…not the waterboard…jeez…no sense of humour anymore.”

I think this era we live in is ripe for parody, the more the better…before we all end up with barcodes on our foreheads. Still looking at that game, it seems to take itself quite seriously, so i’m not sure it is a parody at all?

Sould make a version where you play as Roma, and try to stop barbarian inmigrations inside your territory.

And another version where you play as the indians tribes, and try to stop the european inmigrants.

Technically history says if you can’t hold onto it, it’s not your territory…

Hear that Americans? If you dont stop the illegals from jumping the border theyre going to own the US.

I`d love to play this if it was a parody.

they are putting a whole lot of work into this rather than going for the obvious genre, tower defense.

The detainees have a “Health” score, which makes me wonder how ‘enhanced’ the interrogations are.

probably quick time events.

I’m totally buying this and thinking of the border as the entrance to Quarter to Three and the people as the unvetted masses. Also, can you rename people in this game?

Hey guys they made an MMO version already!