Hard drive encryption

OK, so suppose I didn’t want to use Windows BitLocker (primarily because I don’t have the Deity/Super Galactic version of Windows7) - what should I use instead? Is there a generally agreed upon solution for encrypting one’s hard drive these days?

Truecrypt? Though I’ve never used it to encrypt an entire hard drive.

If you’re looking to go the full drive encryption thing, or the seperate encrypted partition thing, Truecryptis pretty much the most popular option.

Here is a setup guide you might find handy: http://bit.ly/aG6Cbg

My job uses Guardian Edge, but I don’t know if it has a single-license sales model available (only stuff I can find on their site is for enterprise).

Bitlocker won’t work if you don’t have a TPM chip on your motherboard, anyway. I think my consumer Dell doesn’t have one.

We use Sophos SafeGuard at work and it’s kind of a bear.

We are forced to use Checkpoint at work. The initial install on drives is a real bear, takes forever mainly due to the need to defrag first. Once installed it drags the system by maybe 10-15%. Enough to be noticeable but not enough to bring out the pitchforks. Sad to say, but most of the performance gains on refreshed PCs around here are negated by this and the antivirus.

Dual core machines exist so that corporations can load one core down with antivirus software, spyware scanners, and other mandated crap.

So what if you work for one on a single-core machine running WinXP, 512MB of RAM, and Office 2K10 alongside your antivirus, monitoring software, and hard drive encryption?

Mind-boggling :(

encryption also speeds up hard drive death we’ve found.

We use BeCrypt Disk Protect at work. Can’t say I’ve noticed any performance decrease but we had Symantec anti-virus installed a few months prior to that and Symantec does enough performance decreasing of its own that it’s hard to seperate out any further slowdown.

I’ve used Truecrypt, but right now I am using the paid version of Folder Protect. Very simple to use for folders, files, drives, etc. with a variety of options on how you want to protect and hide things. For my work computer, I use it to protect and hide work files while traveling in case someone steals the computer; for home, just things like tax files, plus work and personnel files I transfer to the home notebook.

It probably is not as “safe” from professionals as Trucrypt would be but safe enough from the average person who may steal your computer at an airport.


Gotta help someone encrypt an external HDD. They only have Windows Home though, so Bitlocker isn’t an option. What’s the software the ‘cool kidz’ go to these days? Truecrypt it ain’t anymore for obvious reasons.

Veracrypt is the spiritual successor to truecrypt and works great.


Thank you, good sir!