Hard drive partition combining

When I built this PC in January I got a 200gb hard drive and split it into two - one for the OS/games/apps and one for media with the intention to get another HD later. On Black Friday I picked up a 200gb HD for cheap and plan to turn it into an external and put my media there, and combine the partitions on my current HD. It’s hard to find info about doing this on google without those ass “here’s a question and pay for a subscription to the answer” sites so I thought someone here would know. Thanks!

Windows can’t do that, except by deleting both partitions and creating a new one, which would destroy the contents of both partitions. You need third-party software that can do partition merging, for example Partition Magic or Acronis Disk Director. I’m not aware of a freeware solution.

-Moving media partition to external drive.
-Resizing OS partition on internal drive.
-Resize media parition on external drive.
-Use GParted:

To do this would you download the live CD (since it’s a gnome app)?

Yup, it’s the easiest way. The LiveUSB might fit nicer in your pocket, but more work.

Just a warning about parted: Some people have made it a habit of adjusting
partition sizes more than once, and they’ve eventually (after 3-5 tries) had
Windows not recognising the partitions anymore. Other OSes can read the
contents fine, but even Microsoft’s fdisk couldn’t recognise the drive anymore.

Partition Magic has been more reliable since v8, but I’ve been spoiled with
employers who have at least one box just lying around :)