Hard Drive Recovery?

My 80-gig hard drive suddenly and very mysteriously stopped working last week. It’s not making any mechanical grinding noises or anything; it just refuses to work. When I slaved it to my new hard drive in an attempt to recover some files, Windows churned for a while and then begged me to reformat the beast. I can’t do that, I have some very important files for my job on that drive and if I lose them I will have to take dozens of hours to recreate them.

Has anyone used any hard drive recovery services to good effect? Are there any data recovery programs or anything that are recommendable? Thanks.

SpinRite is all I can think of in a situation like this.



On occasion, we’ve had to send hard drives off the recovery services. I don’t know how much we pay, but I’m sure it was less than the cost of having a $150k/yr employee recreate the lost effort.

Well, I’m only a student, but it’s still a lot of time, dammit!

Damn, it seems not even Spinrite can save this beast. It’s been locked at 3% for an hour now.

Well, it was progressing at a crawl through to 33%, but after that went at a nice clip. It looks like my data is saved.

The cult of Spinrite has gained me as its latest disciple.

Can you explain what spinrite did? Does it rebuild the data in place on the drive, or as new files, or can you export it to an different device? Will it potentially restore the OS to bootable condition on a drive that goes non-bootable?

Try the FileScavenger demo. If it can find the files you’re
missing, it can recover them. There’s just a money transaction between
those two operations…

It recovered my important work files and my music collection, it seems, but the drive still wasn’t bootable for me. I get a CHKDSK prompt everytime I boot up with the dying HD slaved, so I just pulled off the files I needed and sent the drive on its way.

Now for God’s sake invest an extra $50 and get a USB hard disk to make a backup copy of your most important files!