Hard Drive repair

Is is possible? A friend handed me a drive that is apparently nonfunctional, and they took a peek inside, i.e. they handed me the drive with the read head removed, platter open to the world.

My guess is that if it was rescuable before, it ain’t now, and that the best thing to do would be to just close it up and pack it off to data recovery professionals.

Is there anything to be done user-maintenance wise in an IDE hard drive? ’

I have already been useful, though, as she was about to chuck out the usb enclosure. That I could fix :)

Um yeah opening it up wasnt a good idea and honestly I would think that even the pro’s would have a harder time fixing it. Really though is there that much stuff on it she needs?

PS spray WD 40 on it! That fixes everything.

The only thing remaining for that hard drive is a solemn burial to comfort the loved ones.

The interior platter should never be exposed to air. The heads basically float on the platter just about a micron away from the surface and any micro spec of dust will damage a drive. So it’s toast.


Unfortunately, by opening it up she has made any recovery effort an incredibly difficult task, even by data recovery professionals. They have cleanrooms and bunny suits for a reason. I think cleanroom recovery costs start at around $1500 and go up from there.

I’d throw it in the trash unless it’s an 80gb seagate barracuda drive model st380011A (see below)

Is there anything to be done user-maintenance wise in an IDE hard drive?

It depends on your technical expertise and the damage. For example, I shorted out the hard drive motor controller chip on a drive that I have. It’s probably within my skill capacity to swap the circuitboard with the burned-out IC with a working circuitboard from a drive of the same model. Or I could send it to a hard drive repair center where they will do the same thing for a relatively cheap $750.