Hard Drive Slave

I bought a slave hard drive, right? I installed it correctly (as per the instructions and my limited understanding of cables and such). I launch XP and it says, in the taskbar, “New Drive Found” it says it’s installing it and then stops.

“Cool,” thinks I.

I double click My Computer and there’s no new drive. I check Device Manager and it says there’s two IDE devices and both are working… but there’s no drive there.

Now, is my problem too many IDE drives? I’ve got a CD-Rom, a CD-RW, a HD, and an 3.5". Or is my problem that this new drive isn’t formatted? If so, how do I format it if it is going unrecognized? I’ve only done such things in DOS.

Try right clicking my computer, manage, storage, disk management

Thanks Jeff.

Yup. Makes you wish XP had a manual, eh? :)

You can get a nice cheap from from O’Reilly (Windows XP Home Editing Missing Manual) for like $25. I don’t have anything to do with them so this isn’t an ad, just advice.

— Alan