Hard West - The weird West and XCOM walk into a saloon

Turn-based isometric tactical combat XCOM style.

Set in a supernatural version of the Wild West.

I’ve always wondered why XCOM/Jagged Alliance style games didn’t go to other genres like horror or westerns.

Pretty interesting. I’ll keep an eye on this one.

This is right up my alley. Looking closely at it as it matures.

I see the shaky line of sight calculations are still there. I kind of wish Jake and the gang had spent a bit longer on combat design, since these are the mechanics we’re going to get from every XCOM clone for a while.

The high lethality, accuracy, and multiple enemy types might be kind of interesting. Plus the unique setting. It’s enough to keep an eye on it.

This video reminds me of one of the annoying things from turn-based games since the dawn of time: boring little windup animations before and after everything. Just shoot!!

I love the setting and theme, mostly, and I’ll play pretty much any turn-based tactics thing at least once.

Saw an article on this one on RPS today, says Autumn release, so hopefully the next couple months I guess.

Looks to be same gameplay video linked above by telefrog on youtube.

Saw an article on this one on RPS today, says Autumn release, so hopefully the next couple months I guess.

Looks to be same gameplay video linked above by telefrog on youtube.

There was a Kickstarter for this last year, which I backed for $10. :)



Me, too. I figured for $10, it was worth a gamble.

Wow, I wish I’d caught this early enough to join the KS. Pretty excited after watching that trailer. (“The Childeater” lol). I do have a few small worries about the combat system. There doesn’t seem to be any overwatch / interrupt mechanic as far as I can tell. (Did I miss it?) That makes me worry this might be a little closer to something like Omerta: City of Gangsters (or that not-so-great “Team Assault” game that Matrix sold a while back) than XCOM / X-Com / Jagged Alliance / Silent Storm. I’m honestly not wild about turn-based tactical games where a combatant, on his / her turn, can stroll across a room and shoot a helpless opponent in the face with zero worries about return fire.

I backed this for $10 last year, too. Judging from the footage, it’s massively improved from the alpha they put out a while back.

I can’t believe Gambitous is still going!

Geez, I can’t even remember the last turn-based tactical combat game set in the Wild West, apart from this one -

  • which is looking a little long in the tooth.

There was Six Gun Saga, but that was a card game. And there’s the Desperado series, but that’s real-time and based on the Commandos games, IIRC, which were more puzzle-y than I like.

Coming out November 4th!

Now delayed until November 18 (2 weeks)

Now that it’s a week after the release of Fallout 4, I wonder if they missed their window of opportunity. While I might have picked it up at launch before, now it’ll go into that pile of games that I will (maybe) buy when it goes on sale.

Ooh, comes out today.

People are complaining that the AI has an ability (attack of opportunity - sounds like some sort of overwatch) that the player does not have access to. The overall consensus that I am picking up from several reviews is that is is a bit fun but could have been better.

Found these links to several reviews in case anyone is interested:

IGN - 7.3

The escapists - 7

Destructoid - 5

WGTC - 5

I’ve played a couple of missions and fiddled around with the overland map a bit. The tactical battles are fun and offer a good bit of variety in terms of attack options, and the card mechanic is pretty neat. You collect cards which allow you to perform special abilities in combat, such as the ability to ricochet your bullets off of parts of the environment. My biggest gripe is the save system. It’s a one-save system that doesn’t allow you to save mid-combat. So far a combat lasts 15-20 minutes but that’s not the point. Please allow me to save often and save anywhere.

Thank you for that. I was considering picking this up when it went on sale, despite not particularly caring for Westerns. Now it’s completely off the table.