Hard West - The weird West and XCOM walk into a saloon

I could have sworn I used overwatch in this game.

Maybe in the first one? I mean, it could be in the demo; I only played through the train bits. But there wasn’t anything like it there for sure.

Yeah, I liked that. Playing Xcom2 recently, it felt very strange not to have specific zones for it like Gears tactics, Phoenix point, etc

Playing now on twitch fwiw

Eurogamer recommends the sequel.

It’s a fun to review to read. It reminds me of a Tom Chick review.

Just saw a review of this that was very positive (ACG on Youtube). While I understand the lack of overwatch may be off putting, the Bravado mechanic (where you refill your AP when you kill someone) is a definite thing factored into the game design. Due to that mechanic, it seems you’re often fighting larger number of enemies since you’re sort of expected to plow through them. One of the game features enabling this is the ability to do ‘trick shots’ where you can bounce a bullet off a surface to hit someone who’s in cover (if you know they are there). There is also a luck feature where you can juice certain shots to increase the chance of hitting. The review also mentioned (as a positive) that you don’t have to spend time or AP to reload weapons, you can shoot all day long.

This wasn’t on my radar before but the review definitely piqued my interest.

game ramped up from easy to brutal super fast not too long in. felt like I hit a wall of ‘I’m a bad gamer’.

What difficulty?

default, which is labeled ‘hard’ went from barely getting touched and feeling a bit too easy, to getting stomped and overwhelmed constantly. felt like way too much of a jump

See, to me, this is not a positive. YMMV, of course.

I purchased the game and doing the tutorial. The game is a ton of fun so far. It definitely feels like the old west. I finally realized there is no overwatch but i think it is made up for by the replenishment of your Action Points by killing an enemy. You are always outnumbered and need to use strategy to try to go on a killing spree.

When we use an Overwatch in other games it is used to lower enemy numbers. This is the same thing really but from an offensive perspective rather than defensive. It does feel good to have something different. I also think it fits the theme of an Old West shootout.

Fair enough; I certainly plan to pick this up when it’s on real sale eventually. I don’t think overwatch is just about numbers though (although that is definitely a good insight you have there). It’s about planning and a feel of tactical evolutions. The Bravado system of continuously replenished AP is exciting, but to me smacks a bit too much of finding the right puzzle like sequence of choices for each encounter, sort of like a lot of Japanese strategy RPGs. Not a bad thing, but not quite what I was hoping for.

But I am still intrigued and will probably get this eventually.

Reminds me of gears tactics and that’s a good thing in my book.

I guess you did have ow there though, but you could also engineer long killing sprees

Gah, you people. Convinced me to give the full game a try. Technically, it was on sale (10%) so I can claim I did wait for a sale! Played a bit more and it is growing on me. I do like the atmosphere for sure.

I take it if I were going to get one Hard West game, it should be the 2nd?

This was in the Gears Tactics game right? You carried out an execution and that got everyone one more action. Cool but gamey I thought.

It works better here because your characters are heroic bigger than life types not just grunts. And, magic.

BTW, if you played the demo, DO NOT let the game start you up from the demo save, at least if you didn’t finish the entire thing. The game will not let you progress beyond the demo end point (blowing the pass) if you start from a demo save. I found this out the hard way, and have to play the entire first few hours over again. Not the worst fate, but still, very sloppy.

Oh, and the special gun you get for playing the demo? They effed that up too, and now you have to fill out some Google form and hope they actually send you the code for it. Not a big confidence booster for their coding skills here.

I got both the HW1 gun and the Beta gun when I first loaded up the game at launch.

The devs have a post that outlines the issues that many have; apparently they screwed up something, so you are an exception it appears.