Hard West - The weird West and XCOM walk into a saloon

Playing through the original now and I keep getting hit with the ai movement bug where they get stuck during its turn. With no saves, just checkpoints, it forces you to restart since last checkpoint which is very annoying. So far, 2 missions played and both had the bug.

The demo has one huge problem, which others have commented about on the Steam forums. The way the game does combat means you can chain kill through an entire encounter on pretty much one turn in many cases. Kill, replenish action points, kill, replenish, wash, rinse, repeat. Sort of removes all the nuance.

That’s the whole point of the system. One would hope that the full game is balanced in such a way that doesn’t trivialize things. It worked great (albeit differently) in Gears Tactics.

Could be. Felt really gimmicky to me, so it’s a hard pass, even though I like the subject matter. The demo overall felt pretty polished but sort of hollow. YMMV.

I like the idea of rewarding aggressive play (again, I thought it was cool in gears tactics) but I’m also taking a wait and see.

I’ll be picking this up and streaming it fwiw

Hollow and lack of tension. Due to predefined characters this has no real tension as XCOM or Phoenix Point. You are killed, reload. No consequences.

Nothing bad about it, but not my cup of tea.

Yeah, I think that nails it. I love the theme, and the game plays smoothly. The art style is nice, though the writing and characters in the demo at least were a bit underwhelming. I think it’s a game I’ll pick up eventually because I love the theme, setting, and TBS mechanics in general, but I tend to like more loot and progression in my games, as well as customizable or otherwise investment-worthy characters.

Yeah, it’s a good concept in theory. The lack of overwatch/opportunity fire (at least there was none I could see) may well be the big problem. If the enemy could shoot you as you run right by six of them, things might be more balanced.

I know what you mean. I was playing something recently that was more melee combat focused. There was no one of control, so you could run right around people to “backstab” them. It made no sense to have positional advantages but no zone of control.

At least in Gears Tactics, you could set overwatch zones which was a really neat tactical thing that kept fights interesting.

I could have sworn I used overwatch in this game.

Maybe in the first one? I mean, it could be in the demo; I only played through the train bits. But there wasn’t anything like it there for sure.

Yeah, I liked that. Playing Xcom2 recently, it felt very strange not to have specific zones for it like Gears tactics, Phoenix point, etc

Playing now on twitch fwiw

Eurogamer recommends the sequel.

It’s a fun to review to read. It reminds me of a Tom Chick review.

Just saw a review of this that was very positive (ACG on Youtube). While I understand the lack of overwatch may be off putting, the Bravado mechanic (where you refill your AP when you kill someone) is a definite thing factored into the game design. Due to that mechanic, it seems you’re often fighting larger number of enemies since you’re sort of expected to plow through them. One of the game features enabling this is the ability to do ‘trick shots’ where you can bounce a bullet off a surface to hit someone who’s in cover (if you know they are there). There is also a luck feature where you can juice certain shots to increase the chance of hitting. The review also mentioned (as a positive) that you don’t have to spend time or AP to reload weapons, you can shoot all day long.

This wasn’t on my radar before but the review definitely piqued my interest.

game ramped up from easy to brutal super fast not too long in. felt like I hit a wall of ‘I’m a bad gamer’.

What difficulty?

default, which is labeled ‘hard’ went from barely getting touched and feeling a bit too easy, to getting stomped and overwhelmed constantly. felt like way too much of a jump

See, to me, this is not a positive. YMMV, of course.