Hardees sells 1,420 calorie burger


2/3 pounds of beef, four pieces of bacon, three slices of cheese, mayonase, and a buttered bun. That’s 1,420 calories, 107 grams of fat. Make it a value meal with fries and a drink and you’re eating 2,430 calories in one sitting. My diet may not be perfect, but this is beyond the pale and I just don’t understand how people can eat things like this.

Remember the very early Simpsons episode where Homer sees a commercial for a burger just like that? The only thing missing from Hardee’s burger is the fried egg.

Btw, why do you have to be so Blue State about how the Red States eat? Damnit, if they want to burn more gas and eat more beef, that’s their Goddamn given right. That’s why we liberals keep losing elections.

In an interview on CNBC, Hardee’s chief executive Andrew Puzder was unapologetic, saying the company’s latest sandwich is “not a burger for tree-huggers.”

No shit! If you eat enough of these, it’ll be difficult to get your arms around anything, let alone a tree.
I love the juxtaposition of the PR burger shot above the article, and the slouching, lump of gray-meat in the videos. Every few months I’ll eat a McDonalds cheeseburger, and be instantly reminded why I never eat fast food burgers.

This is a blue-state sandwich btw.

This is a blue-state sandwich btw.[/quote]

“With a hot dog garnish” is awesome, simply awesome.

I’d be more impressed if it were a cheese-wiz filled corndog garnish.

Can’t be any more revolting than anything else on it.

This makes me want to puke.

My roomate, otoh, seems to think it is a great idea.


I’m impressed they got that much fat in those many calories. That thing is well over 1/2 pure lard.


Is Hardees even successful anymore? Every Hardees I know of ended up closing down.

Maybe they’re trying to find a new niche.

F-CK! I wanna try this, but all the Hardees are on the FRIGGING East Coast. Ah well, at least I have In and Out.

You should make it your goal to try this thing once before you die. Probably just prior, come to think of it…

Hardess got bought by Carl’s Jr some years back.

Sadly, the monstrosity has yet to makes its appearance.

I read this thread, realized there is a Hardee’s just down the street and decided that I was going to go there for dinner. Ordered it, got the ‘large’ for an extra 89 cents (more for the soda then the fries) went home and ate it.

Not something I am going to do every day (week, month.) It is not bad though. The patties look more like your “real” patties then McDonalds or Wendy’s does. I am a bacon whore and while it has a fair amount of bacon on it, that much dead cow needs more dead pig to really make a difference.

I did finish it, though the fries wound up in the trash. Five hours later I am still very full, though not as uncomfortably as I was four hours ago. It is nice having the option out there though. (The lack of anything resembling ‘healthy’ on it was nice. Lettuce? Begone! Onions? I cast you out. Pickles? Piss off.)

Carl’s Jr. (same parent company as Hardee’s as someone noted above) has been selling the Double Six Dollar Burger since May. It is very close to that Hardee’s thing, but is one pound of meat with three slices of cheese. I suppose you could order bacon on it, but it is nearly as unhealthful without the bacon - over 1400 calories and 100 grams of fat.

Edit: Found a site with a picture.

In and Out has their own version of that. Get yourself a 4by4. They’ll know what you’re talking about.

You need to redo this and provide photos next time. I’m especially interested in the “immediately after”, “one hour after”, “five hours after” photos. :)

Dunno man. Maybe that ought to be an OWNED! pic.

Also, JScott: “not bad?” Are you by any chance Jughead from Archie?