Hardest Games, Ever

After seeing Head Over Heels mentioned in another thread, it’s gotten me thinking:

Which are the games that require a super-human feat of endurance, skill and just plain luck in order to complete them? and, as a second catergory, which ones would be JUST like that if you didn’t have the option of saving every 5 seconds?

Personally, I’d say Cannon Fodder is definatley one of the hardest games I’ve encountered

Syndicate: American Revolt.


It’s hard to top Battletoads, but Adventures of Batman and Robin on Sega Genesis just might do it. Also, Contra: Hard Corps for the same system.


Seconded. For anyone who thought the final mission of Syndicate was hard, the expansion just takes the pain to a new level.

Ghouls and Ghosts. Every version from the Acrade standup to the NES version. I sucked…sucked bad.

Myth’s is good too, except that it’s called Ghosts and Goblins. Still not as bad as b-toads, though.

Ghouls and Ghosts was the sequel, and I remember it being just as rat-bastard hard.

Heh, I am confused, but this clears it up:


As I recall they were all fuggin’ hard…

That they were.

The Mega-Man games used to make me crazy.

I really did get turned onto platformer’s until Shiny came along. Cool Spot, Aladdin, and Earthworm Jim were really, really fun to play, and just on the edge of my fun/frustration axis.

I remember Mega-Man being relatively easy. QuickMan can go fuck himself however.

(Sigh. Earthworm Jim was a great game)

Did Shiny make Cool Spot and Aladdin? Also, Cool Spot was terrible.

And Mega Man was only kind of hard because of the horrible controls.

Blaster Master. Hard as hell, but still fun to play. I remember a friend of mine got to the very end boss, with the super rainbow gun, only to die and lose it all. He said to hell with that, and went on to beat him with the base newb gun and grenades.

When I first got my hands on Zelda I thought it was very difficult. I remember the first time I beat it, I thought I was king of the world. It was a major accomplisment for me as a kid. :)

Jagged Alliance 2.

Hey! Fester’s Quest.

Yup, GnG is probably the hardest game for me. Makes me cringe just thinking about how many hours I spent on that game. shudder

Chess programs. Ghouls and Ghosts. Gravitar.

Out of games I’ve played recently, I’d pick Viewtiful Joe. On the harder setting that burning boss near the end just wupped my ass; I haven’t been that frustrated in years.

Oh, the end boss of Phantom Dust.