HardOCP sues Infinium

That was unexpected. Definitely not unpleasant though. How often do media outlets sue companies that threaten to sue them?

KB: We have two choices in this matter. HardOCP.com either cowers to Infinium Labs’ demands, or we embrace our right to free speech and our duty as a member of the media to report the truth on the gaming industry. The issue is much bigger than HardOCP.com. Infinium Labs is attacking a voice on the Net for sharing facts and opinions. I think we can all agree that this is a very dangerous issue to leave unchecked.

Kyle is hardcore.

Kyle knows good publicity when he sees it :)

I stand by my Oscar Wilde label.

Can we work a Derek Smart / Somethingawful angle in here somehow? If HardOCP has done its homework and stated the facts, this is a good move on their part. It stops Infinium from harassing them and gets them some publicity.

They made the mistake of thinking hardocp was some college kid’s hobby site in 1999.

But it’s not 1999, it’s 2004, and hardocp is one of the grizzled survivors of the dotcom bust. Kyle does this shit to pay his rent. It’s his livelyhood and he takes it seriously. Good for him.

I like HardOCP. I’ve been reading it since before it became OCP… (long time readers will also remember what it stands for) The reasons why? Kyle gives the straight poop, and always does his homework. His no bullshit attitude and dedication to OC mastery has always impressed me.

Coming this summer to courtrooms everywhere, HardOCP is the renegade website who plays by their own rules…

Omni-Consumer Products?

— Alan

Lawsuit sent. You have thirty seconds to comply.

Best I can figure, what a “declaratory lawsuit” is, is where parties ask a judge to definitively determine what certain facts are.

HardOCP effectively went out and filed the suit Infinium was threatening to make on Infinium’s behalf.

Kyle must have gotten some very good legal advice in addition to having some rock-solid evidence. Either that or he just has balls of cold steel. Either way, I like it. :)