Hardspace: Shipbreaker, blue collar space sim about salvage

This looks different. It makes me think: Wait, why haven’t we had this kind of space sim before? One where you’re in orbit, doing the hard work at a space station? Or, in this case, a salvage yard.

Early Access Trailer:

I guess the real question is, will breaking apart a space ship piece by piece actually be fun? I’m curious to find out.

There’s Cargo Commander, which is pretty similar in concept, though I guess not in execution.

Where is @BrianRubin? Saw this yesterday and figured he would be all over this.

My twitter has also become something of a news feed, and I did post it there:

You should follow it. ;)

Are they Chris Foss style spaceships?

Fun bit of trivia: this is a modified version of the concept that later became Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak (after BBI got permission to use the Homeworld name from Gearbox). You’re just scavenging ships in space now rather than in the desert.

This… is nothing like Deserts of Kharak. I don’t believe you!

Your prerogative, I guess.

Yeah, its a weird trajectory, but this is more back to how the original game was envisioned, until they got the Homeworld name.
I was actually pretty interested in the concept they had going on back then, but lost all interest after the homeworld stuff was added.

Probably the same reason no-one’s made a game about being a riveter in a dock-yard: Because it’s repetitive and dull? :)