Hardspace: Shipbreaker, blue collar space sim about salvage

Price ‘revealed’: 20€ now, 25€ without the offer.

Hey, I revealed that 4 days ago. But that was in dollars, so we are good 😁

This catches my interest, as it appears to exist in the subgenre of ‘space engineers’ that I am particularly taken with, but watching the trailers I’m missing something. You’re just hanging out in space breaking things apart? Why? Are there people out there who enjoy taking Lego constructions apart that someone else built? I don’t know why I would want to try this.

You have to feed your family back on Earth. Capitalism and Climate Change has made life down there pretty tough.

Why do people enjoy taking long rides in 18 wheel trucks? Why do they enjoy fixing a garden and a house? Why do they enjoy hanging out a teenage party and getting drunk? All those are games, simulations with stuff people find interesting.

If you dont find that interesting, and its not your thing, well, no skin off my nose, but MAN, hanging in space, cutting up ships, taking care not to blow myself up, hearing the audio logs and getting “lore” on the world? Sign me the frick up!

Guess that about sums it up. I’ll go find other threads to haunt then.

Oh, sorry - I did not mean to run you off - Actually, I was kinda trying to get you interested in the game :-D

Not so much run me off as, I suppose, set the comparison in more stark terms - it may just be the kind of game where you watch the trailer and it either speaks to you or it just doesn’t. In my case, the trailers don’t speak to me and yet I do so love space ships and space games so I assumed I must be missing something. But, that may not be the case at all. I can live with that.

I only made it as far as the menu choices and I’m already laughing.

Then I got to the part where I had to promise not to join any sort of labour union and made myself sad.

I skipped the fine print in the employment document. That’s probably fine right?

I just streamed this for a bit and besides some gamebreaking bugs, I had a great time. I’m not a fan of building ships. Slicing them apart, however? Great fun.

I “cut the buffalo” or whatever dude called it on the training ship, claiming all of it except for one aluminium bar which I kind of fired into the Moon. But the whole ship was gone when I was finished! One way or another.

No bugs for me yet either, thankfully.

A couple of videos of this popped up on my youtube feed today and it looks pretty dang awesome. The videos were from Splattercat and Raptor:

Scott Manley has his own video

As always, I will await the EA cycle. That is going to be … 1 year.


To be honest, I really really hope for a VR version. The game is begging for it.

edit: and this is a nice tutorial/overview

I thought I made a nice neat cut to get a large wall out of the way, fired the tethers into the furnace and turned around to find… the whole ship being dragged in.

Apparently one of my cuts wasn’t complete and so the frame of the ship was one giant hook-shaped piece and I was in the middle. Trying to scramble out through the door before I went into the furnace got my heart pumping.

Went thru a few missions. it’s really fun and interesting to break down the ships. i didn’t realize it was only singleplayer until just now though, and that’s super sad… this would be a perfect mp game

Just ran across Hardspace: Shipbreaker about playing a dude who salvages ships in space. Looks awesome. And I swear the intro music with the twangy guitar gives me a Firefly vibe.

I got into the ship, depressurised the main cabin and the cockpit, cut my way into the reactor room, cut out the floor, pulled the reactor and shunted it down to the salvage barge. Then went back outside, cut into the airlock to save time and… blew the airlock door through my stupid face because I forgot that was the one part of the ship left with pressure.

LYNX CO would never get their billion dollars back from me because I’m an enormous idiot.

Your AARs are the best.

In the faceeeeeeee.

I’d normally wait too but I get the feeling this is going to be one of those ‘perpetual’ early access games.

Ostensibly one year, they say - however…

We’ll decide down the line exactly how much game we consider to be the 1.0 version, but we’d rather stay in Early Access for as long as needed than come out early to hit an imaginary window we’ve set for ourselves.

we know we’re just scratching the surface

We’re not even close to done in terms of features, gameplay ideas, storytelling, and much more

etc! :)

edit: though maybe I wait too:

The following will be added soon in our upcoming releases:
• UI Scaling to support all resolutions