Hardware and/or Windows XP help

I bought and installed a new motherboard and CPU. Everything seems to work, except for Windows XP. It boots up, sends me to the desktop like it normally would, then all my icons and the Start Menu disappears. Right clicking on the desktop stops working. The Task Manager is my only means of doing anything in Windows.

I’ve reinstalled all my devices, checked the BIOS for freaky things, but everything seems to be as it should be. I’ve even reinstalled XP completely, but the same thing happens. The only thing I know to do that I haven’t tried is reformatting my HD and installing XP again, but I’d rather that be absolutely a last resort.

btw, everything seems to work in Safemode and there’s nothing goofy in the Device Manager. I’m on the same PC right now.

How long have you let it sit like that before you shut it down?

Well, long enough. I mean, I’m posting here from the same computer. My desktop picture is actually still there. Just nothing else. The Windows key doesn’t even work.

*edit: It’s apparently something in my Startup items. In msconfig, unchecking Load Startup Items lets me get into Windows normally.

Yep, makes sense. Just go to the ‘Startup’ tab in msconfig and start dechecking items one at a time to see if you can get your system to start. That’ll narrow it down considerably and you can focus on the real issue.

Well, after more hours that I’m willing to admit trying to fix the problem, I gave up and bought a different motherboard. Had some troubles with it at first, but it works like a champ now.

What was the problem motherboard?

The “OMG I want to physically hurt this motherboard” motherboard was a Gigabyte GA-K8NSC-939. I read all the reviews on Newegg and there were very few negative comments other than how the board doesn’t have very many overclocking features, which I don’t care about. I just couldn’t make it work, though. It wasn’t compatible with some piece of hardware I had, but I spent way too long troubleshooting. I took it back and paid an extra $50 on an Abit AV8 and other than some installation snags that turned out to be mostly my fault, it’s been awesome. I was so deleriously frustrated from messing with the first motherboard for so many hours during two days, I progressively became more and more dumb and ended up troubleshooting problems that I caused, along with some others that Google fixed.