First noted in the Homeworld Kickstarter thread (now a sad place) but figured it may as well have it’s own thread.

Some ex-Relic people are putting together an new RTS game that looks like it could be quite interesting. How interesting is hard to tell because there isn’t a lot of info released yet, but so far the teases tease me well.

In an interesting turn, you can get guaranteed access to closed beta of this f2p game by forking over 99$!

Now I had no problem jumping on the Homeworld Kickstarter because it was easy enough to judge what I was going to get out of it. For this one, I’d like to know more about the gameplay and their f2p model before jumping in. They are self-funded so I have no issue with them charging money so the most excited people can get their place in line.

First video

The first screenshots looked like something with a cool aspect but unrelated to Homeworld.

But now, after watching the video, it’s easy to see the parallel. In fact, even if at first some buggies and trucks in a desert was really different to space battles in 3d, the vibe of the video is the closest thing I’ve seen to the original Homeworld. The huge scope of the empty landscape (except desert instead of space), the vistas, the slow pace that contributes to the feelings transmitted, the industrial-but-cool style of the units, the radio conversations and music, and of course the light streaks and group movement of the space/airships.