Hark! A Vagrant!

I couldn’t find a thread dedicated to Kate Beaton.

Here’s her website, for you poor fools who don’t know about this comic: http://www.harkavagrant.com/

She’s been on a roll lately, especially this one today:

There are many things I love about her humour. But one of them is the comic title meta-joke.

Are you the Canadian Rimbo?

Yes, where’s the funny?

I don’t like that particular comic very much, but I love HaV in general.

Yeah, her stuff can be pretty obscure, but a lot of it is very funny. That particular strip isn’t really a very good example, IMO.

I know I’m new here, but is that some sort of veiled way to see if I’m a cross dresser?


For me, the funny is in the title.


BTW, these are very, very clever. Reminds me a little of Roz Chast.

Yeah, way to paste in easily one of her least funny strips for an example.

Pretty much anything she does with Austen or the Bronte sisters totally cracks me up.

Or Gatsby.

Or the pope.

The one just above that, titled “Victorians,” was much better. As was the one immediately below that. In fact, all of the ones on that page were funnier.

Yeah, I’m thinkin’ “Canadian Rimbo” is apt. :)

This one is my hands-down favorite though.

It’s funny because cats are assholes.

Two of my favorite themes in one!