Hark! A Vagrant!

Drinking and bad novels?

God, I’m hating all the shit that ‘…and zombies’ started.

Though it is making me think someone should take Frankenstein and add in Emma trying to set the monster up with girls every few chapters.

I think the cartoon predates the real-world books.

That particular one was only posted three weeks ago. Are the ones posted to her website reruns of things published elsewhere?

I think you are wrong!

In fact, I think it’s pretty likely that Ms Beaton was, herself, making fun of the stupid trend!

for a brief moment I thought someone was hailing me

Hark a Vagrant cracks me up. Dude watchin’ with the Bronte’s is one of my absolute favorites. That and the one where Queen Elizabeth gets a bigger ruff. (I can’t post a link yet. It’s # 21)

Obviously, sometimes she just wants to get the sketch down, but when she puts time into drawing the comic, she can make some amazing stuff. I loved the panels for the Laura Secord v. Paul Revere comic.

This one was always one of my favourites:

Except that it is, essentially, a Garfield comic. Perhaps that’s the joke- these things are often lost on me.

Yeah, my favorite part of that comic is the panel where the cat starts talking and then in the next panel he eats a tray of lasagna. Wait, what?

I love Kate Beaton! I have her book around here somewhere.

That’s not the joke and boy is it lost on you.

That is amazing.

Also, from an unscientific poll of my friends, no one else thinks it’s funny.

It’s not the best one, but I like it because young self’s comic could easily be (and probably is) a Silent Kimbly comic.

you need new friends

I love all of this, but the look on George’s face in the final panel is perfection.

The thing I love best about this one is that every time it is posted, someone will look up those letters for the first time and have the same reaction.

So, so true :)

they made me horny

Fugitive’s is brilliant.