Harry Anderson (Night Court) has died

According to news, he was found dead at his home at the age of 65. Foul play not suspected. I’ll always associate the guy with Night Court, I was such a big fan of that show.


Oh, no. I grew up on Night Court.

Sad news indeed, I last remember seeing him on that 30 rock episode where they got some of the cast of Night Court back together.

I remember reading he was a real magician before he became famous.


He used to do comedy magic bits on SNL and Carson all the time.

Dang 65 ain’t that old. I wonder what got him.

Me too, loved that show.

He used to make appearances on Cheers as Harry the Con Man

Him and John Astin on Night Court were great. How fucking sad.

Loved him on Night Court and Cheers. Sad to hear.

Night Court was such a great show

The closest we ever got to a Night Court reunion

I loved Night Court, but I remember first seeing him on Cheers as Harry the Hat.

Fuck. I loved his magic act. RIP

Sorry to see him go.

RIP. Night Court was both blessed and cursed by being part of NBC’s classic Thursday night lineup - blessed because being on the same night and channel as Cheers, Cosby, and Family Ties guaranteed it ratings and a nice long run, but cursed because being surrounded by some of the most iconic 80s sitcoms meant Night Court itself never quite got the credit it could have. But it was always fun, tightly written, and most importantly had characters you looked forward to spending time with. Harry Anderson was a huge part of that.

It was one of my favorite shows. I loved all the characters.

RIP. Loved Night Court, and he introduced me to Mel Torme.

I loved Night Court, and every once in a while I go on a rant about how it’s a travesty that it’s not on any streaming service anywhere (as far as I know). I would totally binge watch that entire series again. RIP Judge Harry. :(

Aw man!

Harry Anderson was great and I got the sense he was one of those people who knew a lot of lore about magic and card sharping, etc. Kinda like Ricky Jay maybe?

Night Court was part of the classic NBC Thursday night line up… Cosby/Family Ties/Cheers/Night Court. It felt very grown-up to watch the final show at 9:30.