Harry Knowles Buttnumbathon

The aintitcoolnews guys had their annual film festival over the weekend, and reactions are up from various posters: http://www.aintitcool.com/

The big movie debuts were:

  • Rocky Balboa (which everyone seemed pretty keen on)
  • 300 (which was received very positively, although some people didn’t like the changes from the book - this is a geekfest, after all), and some of the reviews seem to be trying to hide some disappointment. Effects were only 90% done. Some of the audience were put off by naked guys running around as this review states:

“A word of warning, if you’re homophobic in the slightest, you’ll probably want to avoid this movie. It’s very very gay. Maybe the gayest thing I’ve seen all year, and I watched some episodes of Torchwood. Seriously. The entire movie is bodybuilders in their underwear thrusting their hardened spears into
other men and telling their comrades how much they love them, as they
gently wipe blood and grime off of each other”

  • Other movies that premiered at the 24 hour fest: Dreamgirls (again, mostly positive, for this film gearing up for an Oscar fun), Black Book (Paul Verhoeven’s new movie, which as you’d expect for one of his, received mixed reviews).

Re: 300

Given famous artwork depicting the event, plus the fact that it’s Ancient Greece, I’m not all that surprised.