Has anyone actually completed Dungeon Siege?

I’ve played this game in bits and pieces in the past and I’ve always thought that it didn’t deserve the bulk of the harsh criticism that it’s received. But recently, while randomly choosing to play an older game from my backlog, DS’s number came up and so now I’m playing with the intent of actually beating the darn thing. Thing is, I’m not sure if this is possible due to its blandness. And… I can’t remember the last RPG that I didn’t beat. I’m fairly tolerant of mediocre RPGs I reckon.

There’s no single aspect of DS that really sucks all that much. It’s just that the game is so dull. There’s nothing to break up the simplistic monster-bashing routine which is repeated non-stop throughout the entire game. It is so a one-trick pony that it makes Doom 3 look like a virtual smorgasbord of gameplay.

So anyway, I’m currently 15 or so hours into the game. I’ve heard the game is about a 30-40 hour deal. Does it ever get any more compelling? Is there some mental trick I can use so I can complete this game without it seeming like work?

My brother did, and my ex-girlfriend I think. I liked it well enough. I loved it at first, and it just generally wound down and lost steam until I stopped about halfway through.

It did have some amazing interface enhancements that every RPG needs. Pressing one button to have your guys pick up all the shit that’s lying around is something that I’ve wished for in every party-based RPG I’ve played since.

I am proud to say that I completed the whole game and played through most of the multiplayer world as well. And, the only really memorable parts that come later on are the fight with this massive, massive dragon and the final boss showdown. Both were pretty cool I thought at the time; I don’t know how I would feel about them if I played it now.

I enjoyed DS well enough if only because I really liked the huge, seamless world they managed to create. This was especially cool in multiplayer when you’d start in like a snowy mountain region, journey through caves and mines and then a moutain pass and eventually come out at a coastal village. I just thought was really cool.

But yeah, if it had like a Diablo style skill system and compelling story it would have been really great.

You know, it’s funny you should ask. While I was waiting for another game to play (which ended up being Heretic Kingdoms, started yesterday) I had reinstalled DS. Yes, I finished it completely the first time I played, and I even played the (much worse) expansion. I played them both once back then. It is mindless hack’n’slash, and if you go into it wanting more than that, you are going to be very disappointed. No, it doesn’t get better. Just different items, higher levels, and different/tougher creatures. The thing I like about DS is the atmosphere. I haven’t played a single other game since DS that I enjoyed the look of more. There have been far better games, overall, but I’ve already played them to the extent I can bother. DS was so forgetable in so many ways that replaying it now doesn’t seem so bad. I was halfway through my current game when I started HK, so I may not make it back to finish it before another new game comes my way (which may include DSII).

The thing is, you have to accept that it’s like running a gauntlet. Can you make it through? Can you reach the end? Torture that builds character, perhaps, is something you can use? My advice is, if you aren’t enjoying any aspect of it, get something new. That’s what I did, and why I’m playing HK now. :)

For me the problem with DS is that I just feel too detached from my party. The game looks great and has some nice features but I never found it to be nearly as playable as Diablo 1 or 2. I will probably finish it someday since I’ve got to be somewhat close by now but the game is certainly missing that certain something for me also.

I tried this for my biweekly internet gaming group. I thought it was God-awful. I’m not sure how far we got through, percentagewise, but we were in like the third area of the multiplayer game (the jungle area). The problem is exactly what you identified: the gameplay starts out simple and ramps up to being…still very simple. Even when they eventually start to toss a couple interesting things your way, you can’t really use them because of the limited two-skills-at-a-time system. My group finished all of Diablo 2 (including Lord of Destruction) without ever getting bored, but we had people crying foul after three sessions of DS.

I played through it 3 times.

I played through it and yes, it is bland and a bit boring. I enjoyed it for the most part.

What I did was only use one character for as long as I could to make it more challenging.

I finished it. The real problem is that in the first ten minutes, you’ve seen it all in terms of gameplay, the only difference is in the graphics. It’s easy to finish solo too, and the skills suffered from imbalance.

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I finished it, and played a great deal with my wife. If you turn off all of the n00b assistance features in the UI it’s actually a passable Diablo clone.

I finished it a couple times. The last few areas are actually the best parts of the game (and the most challenging).


The game sucks rocks, but it’s a great engine. Nothing else portrays forests as well as DS. Infinitely prettier than the NWN engine.

I had to quit Dungeon Siege once I found the goblin minigun. THE GOBLIN MINIGUN. I just had to. How could I possibly go on? How could the game possibly top that?

Did it shoot GOBLINS?

Mini goblins.

I’ve played through it once. Or is it playing? My far too loyal companions
took the blows while I randomly tossed some magic in the general direction
of the fray.

The end battle: In we rushed, the nigh-invincible team of real and artificial
idiocy, killed the boss, watched lots of fancy gear drop, and the looting was
interrupted by end credits. Grr. Too short, too much on autopilot & rails.

I didn’t, but my wife completed the original Dungeon Siege and the Legends of Aranna expansion.

oddly enough I enjoyed the hell out of the goblin minigun.

I finished it, but I enjoyed it less and less as it went on. The game looks utterly beautiful, but the gameplay was so bland, and I prefer games that aren’t 100% linear. It’s a shame; with just a bit more automated gameplay, it could have been a really cool screen-saver, instead of a mediocre game.