Has anyone else played Streets Vol. 2?

I rented it last night, after playing it almost daily durning my lunch breaks at a local comp usa. I am not a very big basketball spoof, but this game is just fun. Between the killer combos and building up your own player, I am having a great time.

anyone else play this yet?

Awesome game… I wish there was more variation to the Gamebreakers, though–you start seeing the same ones quite often. And the scoring confuses me sometimes (the style point stuff… combos don’t always give you as many points as I think they should)

Yeah it is fun. I found the difficulty curve and the catch up AI to be pretty hard on the medium setting. It took me a while before I could consistantly beat teams because when you get ahead the computer can hit any shot and almost take the ball from you at will. The single biggest example of this was I took my loaded team of my super built up player, Shaq, and Stretch back to the first playground court and could only beat the guys with the 2 abilites 21-12. Despite the really strong rubber band AI I did enjoy the single player game. One piece of advise, just take the ball to the rack ASAP when you are ahead to try and minimize the computer taking the ball from you. You will still get blocked by people with 1 blocking and have your guy who is level 6 in dunks miss wide open dunks but overall you will do better than trying any moves.

The two on two multiplayer is not too bad but since you are locked into a player it doesn’t give you the flexibility to control as much and games can be decided by how well the 3rd CPU driven guy plays (which is wildly inconsistant). Also the difficulty is much higher at least in coop play. A friend of mine and I both who can win at will on Medium in single player are about .500 against evenly matched teams in multiplayer. Some of it is due to the lack of switching but we both agreed it seemed a lot harder playing coop.

– Xaroc

I don’t have anything to add except that I too love this game.

I’m working my way through Be A Legend mode on medium difficulty and finding it much tougher than the lower setting. My player has maxed out abilities and is nowhere near becoming a legend.

Anyone become a legend on the hard setting? Any secrets to share?

Is it really that much different from Vol. 1? Don’t get me wrong, the first is one of the best XXX_TREME!!! sports games I have ever played, but could I not just dust it off and play it some more?

Three words, perhaps misspelled: “Off da heezay!”

Heh that is great when you can pull it off. I think the coolest combo my friend and I have done is an off da heazy alley oop pass where the pass actually is bounced off the guys head into an alley oop.

– Xaroc

I’ve run through Be a Legend on the easy mode, and started another Legendary player on medium; between getting my ass kicked, HARD, and a multitude of other games, my StreetsV2 play has tapered recently.

'Specially since I bought Madden 2004 yesterday (Circuit City gave me a $10 gift card to help offset the $49.95 price, btw, dunno if there are better deals out there or what).

That, and I just bought Silent Hill 3 even though I haven’t finished SH2, I still want to do a full runthrough of KOTOR as a dark jedi, I still haven’t finished off the full Steel Battallion campaign, I’ve barely played any WindWaker, I’m only halfway through AdvanceWars2, etc etc etc… Jeez. I buy way too many damn games.

Given all that, NBA Streets v2 had every last possible second of gametime for a couple weeks in there, though (and, uh, some time that shouldn’t’ve been gametime), so yeah, it’s a GREAT game :)

If you don’t fake out your opponent, the scores from the individual moves are added together. Every successful fakeout increases the multiplier by 1. The more times you do a particular move, the less it scores.

If you pause for a significant amount of time, you lose your combo. If you miss a shot and don’t get a rebound/dish combo, you lose your combo.

The only problem I have with the game is that Yao Ming (or anyone of similar stature and a high block rating) can sit under the basket and block shots all day long.

It’s a lot of fun, but I prefer old school scoring, because two-pointers seem sort of easy and are worth more than three-pointers in “real” basketball.

what are some of the record scores you guys have been able to put up in a 21 point game. i cant sem to go must further past 2.5 million.