Has anyone seen a horror movie called The Coffee Table?

So I may be breaking the rules of the thread by pointing out that I have not seen The Coffee Table, though this article seriously intrigues me. Kind of hoping someone around these parts might have seen it and can post impressions?

I have not seen it, but that’s because I haven’t heard of it and I generally don’t take recommendations from authors I don’t care for. : )

But it’s worth noting it’s a Spanish movie (as opposed to just Spanish language) that’s currently streaming on Amazon:

Justwatch will let you know as it’s more widely available elsewhere:

I was intrigued by the article and tried watching this last night. It’s a fascinating premise for a movie, but I bailed and just fast-forwarded through the remainder of the movie once I understood what was going on. It’s like the most brutal episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm ever. Too uncomfortable for me to watch.

Alright I’m in

Good Lord, when Stephen King says it’s the darkest thing he’s ever seen, that shit’s got to be rough!

Just finished it this morning. Not sure why they’re marketing it as horror, other than, I suppose, horror sells and “cruelly funny black comedy” doesn’t so much.